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How many Internet users will be there in India by 201 5 What Is the size of e-commerce Industry 2013 In S billion What are the types of DAM strategies How many websites are there in www by 2013 What is principle? What Is crawling and Indexing In context to Google What Define SEE What are Page Optimization Practices Write at least 3 best practices for getting a website top ranking What Is Inbound marketing Difference between SEE and SAM What PC and Differentiate between unique page view and unique Differentiate between organic and Inorganic traffic

Write at least 3 types of display ads Types of Email Marketing Define AUTO and Bounce rate. Write at least 5 mobile marketing tactics Differentiate between dedicated mobile website and responsive mobile website Write at least 5 mobile App revenue models What is augmented reality What Is SOLOMON What is 70/20/10 Backbone posting Rule What are the types of E-commerce Businesses? Write at least 5 phases of E-commerce Businesses Define E-Wallet Create a high level Digital Marketing strategy for Handicrafts Association. The geographic target would be the local city which is a tourist place and other nearby cities too.

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