Dysfunctional Family and its Impact Essay

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Well, you see a broken family refers to a family who has been separated or divorced. This research will provide the readers the answers to the common questions that are being asked to the adolescence, and those questions are: “What are the emotions that teenagers feel during this traumatic part of their lives? “Is having a broken family harmful to the teenagers? , and “What are the impacts off broken family on adolescents? “. If we are to be put into the lives of those unlucky children who has a broken family what might be the emotional reactions that we would all feel? Having a broken family does not only change the way we look at life but it also change the whole entire identity of ourselves. Teenagers are affected emotionally. The home with physically or emotionally abusive environment hinders a teen development and causes psychological issues for teenagers.

Teenagers do not express their feelings with motional withdrawal, depression, defiance and aggression. Adolescences may also feel embarrassed, guilty and frustrated. They feel embarrassed because they will think that their family isn’t as normal and they will think that their family is somehow an abnormal family which will force teenagers to withdraw themselves from world and create what they call, “My world”. Guilt will also be another emotion that adolescents will feel during this situation.

Teenagers will feel guilty because they will think that the reason behind the separation of their parent’s that cause their family to e broken is them, it’s either because of their behavior or because of their existence. And from there teenagers will feel as if they need to change their behavior, hoping that their family will come back to normal. But, for some teenagers even if they feel that guilt inside of them they will choose to be the type of person that they shouldn’t be which create the type of person that we call as, “The Rebellious Kid “.

For them that is the only way to let their emotions out. Few days ago I asked a good friend of mine name, Lorraine Paring if having a broken family is harmful and her replied to me was, Having a broken family is really harmful to adolescents, but it doesn’t mean that it can not give us a good lesson. I was once daughter of a perfect family, I had my dad, depressed because they divorced and my brother died, but, I told myself that I need to be strong and I used that situation to over come my depression.

Teenagers should always asks guidance from God and have a positive mind set so nothing can bring them down. ” Lorraine was right broken family can lead into a harmful situation but it is still up to those teenagers if they will forever stay in that negative situation or use t to over come their depression. It will still be us who will decide by the end of the day. The people around us won’t decide for our future, it is us who will decide everything. What is really the impacts or effects of having a broken family?

Teenagers need to have both parent’s in the home to have a balanced life. Both socially and mentally but, if the parent’s cannot get along and the teen are being raised in a constant battleground, socially and mentally this can be more damaging to them. This can lead to trust issues and other relationship problems. Parent’s who abuse ACH other will most likely have teenagers who will become involved in abusive relationships. Teenagers whose parent’s have divorced and the absent parent are still involved in their everyday life still benefit from both parent’s.

Adolescents will changed the way they look and define life and the four things that would suffer the most in their lives are their emotional, educational, and social. Teenagers will changes emotionally by changing from a sweet loving daughter into a war freak slut girl, or they will ruin their lives by doing illegal things such as drugs, alcohols, and mooing. In education, adolescents will somehow lose their interest in studying because their new perspective or belief is that their lives are already ruined so why make an effort study?

Or if teenage kids goes to school they won’t be able to focus on their subjects because teenagers tends to be distracted by their own problems. In social, some adolescents want to have more companies to reduce their focus on their problems but most of the kids wants to stay inside their rooms, lock their doors and enter their own world and without them knowing that they’re separating themselves tit everyone in this world. Those impacts will not only stay in a short amount of time but this life- ruining situation will forever be in the adolescent’s mind and heart and it will control who they are in the future.

There is a probability that these effects may come immediately or come after some time when a teen processes the realities of a broken family. It may have positive and negative effects but mostly the result is negative because broken family is one of the reason why teenagers rebels that cause them to become negligent to their lives. RELATED LITERATURE According to Mr.. R. A. Anderson (2013) after a divorce, children from pre-school through late adolescence can experience deficits in emotional development.

Children of all ages may seem tearful or depressed, which is a state that can last several years after a child’s parent’s’ have separated, explains psychologist Lori Rapport. Additionally, some older children may show very little emotional reaction to their parent’s’ divorce. Rapport explains that this may not be developmentally beneficial. Some children who show little emotional response are actually bottling up their negative feelings. This emotional suppression makes it difficult for parent’s, teachers and therapists to help the child process her feelings in developmentally appropriate ways.

The child can suffer from depression. They child can also feel low self- esteemed as if it were their fault for the broken up family. Other things can happen things which can contribute to academic performance the effects of a broken family can certainly be part of the mix. There would be negative and positives to this particular trait and would largely depend upon the persona of the person that is striving to achieve something academically. Children that come from broken families will most likely have a difficult time in life, struggle and turn to drug abuse or other negative behavior.

Getting help may be helpful but it wont help as much. The parent’s are in control. Kids need a mom and dad bottom line. If both parent’s don’t get along, that will have an effect on the children, period. No schooling or organization can help fully. Sometimes the child or teen will have poor grades in his/her classes from concentrating on what’s going on at home. Other times though him/her will push themselves into there work to push way the thoughts of all that is going on at home. If you know someone or have a child in a broken home I encourage you to talk to them about what is going on.. Lot of times you will realize that this effects them more than what you think. Also get there grades from there teacher and sit down and talk to them about them if they are bad do not scold your child it will only make them feel worst, encourage him/her to do his/her best and let that be it. There can be many effects on children that are in a broken family. These include depression, anger, sadness and confusion. If there is family that breaks apart the kids should always see a counselor to help them threw the process.

According to Steve Doughty (October 2008) children from broken families are nearly five times more likely to suffer damaging mental troubles than those whose parent’s stay together, Government research has found. It also showed that two parent’s are much better than one if children are to avoid slipping into emotional distress and anti-social behavior. The findings say that children’s family backgrounds are as important – if not more so – than whether their home is poor, wordless, has bad lath, or has no one with any educational qualifications.

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