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After the planning and observing stage, it is now the role of consultants to use numerous instruments and tools to actively cater change.

There are different ways and manner that consultants can administer programs and mechanisms. Among the familiar ones include (1) leadership development, (2) feedback and coaching, (3) group facilitation, (4) team development, and (5) internal change agent development (ActToo, 2008). Through this, they can exert efforts that can maximize and provide the needed boost among workers and employees.Similarly, these models can help eradicate the problematic areas in human resources while administering new ways to enhance leadership and communication both formally and informally (Act Too, 2008). This relative training and development can also contribute to extending the capabilities of each worker in dealing with complex issues inside an office or organization.

Given the examples in ways to incorporate changes, each must at the same time contain the necessary dimensions that will address the issue of communication. Without it, change will only be half-hearted or be applied in a limited way.This was given by the speakers and during lectures. For example, feedback and coaching must involve a complex structure that will cater not only to verbal dialogue but also to non-verbal symbols that also do contribute in the way people interact (ComCon, 2006). Moreover, the concept of team development also involves numerous interaction models.

Seeing the relative importance of teams and what it can contribute to production, consultants should devise a strategy that tackles setbacks in a holistic and developmental manner (ComCon, 2006).Action and implementation With the appropriate models and strategies in place, consultants must now tackle another difficult endeavor – introducing change. This is because it will conflict with what is currently practiced. However, this must be made to reinforce and align objectives and goals of a specific organization or company.

In this aspect, there are several ways wherein consultants can maximize the potential of these programs.Among the possible ways wherein they can do this is by: (1) change management, (2) conflict management, (3) participatory change process, (4) communication transformation, and (5) performance measurement (ComCon, 2006). Linking this to the lesson, it provided us better appreciation of the grueling tasks that consultant have to made to enact change. Realizing these ideas, I do believe that implementation is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. This is because consultants have to look into the way people would react to the change of scenario.Despite this situation, it is necessary for this to be implemented and administered for the company/organization to be adaptable and sustainable with the current trends.

This was pointed out by the guest speakers during the course. It has always been the management’s prerogative to pursue their interests that will yield them the most. Recognizing the idea’s significance, it is vital that management and implementing parties actively collaborate and coordinate with parties that shall be affected by change.This is one way that communication practices can be supplemented and enhanced. Similarly, it can provide an avenue for openness and capability of the company to reach out to people’s needs. Tapping into the future With the rapidly diversifying ways in which work is facilitated and the increasing involvement of technology in the process, there is a need for consulting firms to realize and tap into new strategies that can make them adaptable and flexible to changing trends.

It could be done by trying to exhaust new ideas and generate new models that would address and supplement the needs of today’s dynamic and competitive organizations and companies (ActToo, 2008). At the same time, as these incidents are happening, the manner in which communication is administered and facilitated has gradually been evolving. A catalyst of this can be attributed to the expansion of information technology. Now, it I possible for individuals to communicate in different mediums and somehow disregards barriers along the way.With these, firms must realize this situation and cooperate to better understand these relationships.

This endeavor can be made possible with further research and studies (ActToo, 2008). Conclusion To conclude, the course was successful in creating awareness and information to students concerning the relationship between communication and consulting. It gave each one good grasp of the topic by mixing the models and theories taught in the classroom. At the same time, the speakers from different consulting firms gave students an understanding of how these processes are practiced in reality.In the end, by tapping into communication and embracing change, consulting firms can maximize their capabilities to provide sustenance and adaptability amidst the increasing diversity and complexity of practice.

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