Drug Trafficking Policies Essay

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A. Harrison Narcotics Act (HNA)- was passed in 1914 and completely banned the sale of substantial doses of opium and coca. Drug trafficking became a problem in the years to follow this act. In 1918 a special committee found that drug smuggling had increased. B. Marijuana Act- was passed in 1937 and required those who used marijuana to obtain a special license. C. Narcotic Drug Control Act- was passed in 1956 and was permitted for selling drugs to minors. D. National Program for the Control of Drugs 1995-2000- has an emphasis on the following initiatives:  Dismantling the international criminal organizations that operate on Mexican soil.  Establishing effective mechanisms to thwart money laundering.  Improving the governments ability to intercept drug shipments at the borders, in national waters, and in national air space.  Establishing strict controls that prevent illegal trafficking in firearms.  Halting the flow of precursor chemicals for illicit purposes.  Stepping up security along the nations borders.

E. High-Level Contact Group for Drug Control (HLCG)- was established in March of 1996 by Presidents Clinton and Zedillo (of Mexico) to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking and reducing the consumption of illegal drugs. It has the following

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objectives:  Eliminate the illegal use of drugs in both societies, especially among the youth.  Increase the security along the common border, while maintaining full respect for each countrys sovereignty.  Ensure that drug traffickers cannot evade justice in one country by fleeing to the other.  Control the diversion of precursor chemicals and eliminate the production and consumption of methamphetamines.  Pass and implement specific legislation to penalize money laundering and exchange information to combat this illegal activity.  Freeze and confiscate the proceeds and instruments of the drug trade and continue sharing the confiscated material to further law enforcement activities.  Improve the capacity to intercept drug shipments by air, land, and sea.  Develop programs for training and technical cooperation.  Improve the mechanisms for the exchange of information and evidence to prosecute and convict criminals.

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