Driving Improvement

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Every 30,000 miles, __________.
service the automatic transmission
Evaluate weather conditions, the condition of your vehicle and other risk factors, including_________, every time you drive.
your own well being
About one out of every ten drivers _________.
is involved in a crash each year
_________, the roadway, and your vehicle are all categories associated with risk that you should assess before you get behind the wheel.
The driver
_________is the temporary removal of your privilege to drive.
It is illegal to drive in the United States without __________.
having liability insurance for your vehicle
Slowing down or “rolling through” a STOP sign is________.
against the law
In order to be issued a Virginia Driver’s License, __________ is an acceptable proof of identity.
birth certificate
When you drive, ______.
risk is always present
In the U.S., nearly ________ million people were injured and over 37,000 people were killed in traffic collisions in 2008.
Because the actions of other road users are __________, you can lower your risk if you adequately communicate to those around you. Always signal your intention to change lanes or turn.
When driving at night and you encounter curves, what do you have to remember?
Your headlights point straight ahead, not into the curve.
A __________ headlight lens can cut the amount of light it emits by 90%.
Our natural tendency is to concentrate on what is going on ahead of where we are going, so you need to check your mirrors__________.
whenever you change speed or position
You should search a minimum of__________seconds ahead of your vehicle to avoid obstacles in your path.
At intersections, look to the _____ first.
Create a following distance greater than 3 seconds ahead when __________.
a driver behind you is trying to pass
If a driver in front stops suddenly and a collision occurs it is the “fault” of _____.
the driver behind
The__________becomes critical if you are in a situation where you may be struck from the rear.
identification of an alternate path
Rear-end crashes are the most common type of collisions because ______ .
drivers follow too closely behind the vehicle ahead
When you adjust the driver’s side mirror, you want to be able to see_______.
the rearmost left corner of the vehicle
Stimulants can generate a__________.
false sense of well-being
On average in the U.S., one friend, parent or family member dies every__________minutes in alcohol related crashes.
Depending on your BAC, possible penalties for driving under the influence include:
all of these are correct
Most state vehicle codes state that you shall not drive after taking a substance that __________.
alters the central nervous system
About__________in every ten Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related crash at some time in their life.
Alcohol is metabolized by the_________.
Cold medicines can_______.
have side effects that slow ability to think and react quickly
The effects of alcohol are________.
If you notice someone driving erratically behind you, you should __________.
let him or her pass you and position your vehicle with plenty of space behind the bad driver
Which of the following beverages contains the most alcohol?
all of these contain the same amount of alcohol
Other drivers depend on you to be rational and________.
Microsleeps last __________ seconds.
Some people, when they are caught in a situation where they have no control can become frustrated, which can lead to______.
Most drivers make__________driving errors for every 20 decisions they make while driving.
When you detect your emotions beginning to dominate your judgment and actions while driving, you should practice_______.
self regulation
If you have to drive on a long trip, get plenty of rest before you leave and plan on stopping every ____ hours.
It is not safe to drive if you stay awake during_____.
your natural sleep time
Windshields are required for all of these vehicles EXCEPT:
During each mile you drive, up to__________events you need to interpret can occur.
You are impaired when your ability to operate a vehicle is ______.
limited or hampered
You may not follow a fire response vehicle at a distance closer than __________.
500 ft
Use your _________to communicate to other drivers that you are in trouble, there is trouble ahead, or when you are moving very slowly.
emergency hazard lights
If you are approaching a controlled intersection with multiple turn lanes and you would like to change lanes, you should do ALL of the following EXCEPT:
Get into the lane as fast as possible.
Bicyclists often create unsafe situations by riding ________ for the traffic environment and weather conditions
excessive speeds
A funeral procession has the right-of-way at intersections, unless __________.
the right-of-way is required by an emergency vehicle giving an auditory signal
When approaching or being approached by an emergency vehicle with its siren and/or lights on, __________.
all traffic, in either direction, must slow down, pull to the right of the road, and stop until the emergency vehicle passes
Step vans (delivery trucks) and 15-passenger vans __________.
have poor rearward vision
If you do not have __________, always drive with your low-beam headlights on.
daytime running lights
Flashing red and yellow lights control some intersections during times when there is __________traffic flow.
The use of turn signals and your __________ are the methods of communicating to other road users that are used most often.
brake lights
When changing lanes on an expressway, signal your intentions and _________.
do not anticipate other drivers will open a gap for you to enter
Many head-on collisions occur on two-lane roads when passing because drivers______.
misjudge the closure rate of oncoming traffic
Wet roads result in___________.
poor traction
As you enter the deceleration lane or the exit ramp, slow down and_____________.
maintain a safe cushion of space ahead and behind your vehicle
Urban driving often involves limited _____ which often obstructs advance warning of traffic obstacles.
One of the most important tasks to complete if you are going to drive in the rain, slush and mud is to_________.
check your tire inflation and tread depth
When passing around a rotary traffic island, you must
only drive to the right of the rotary traffic island
On the expressway, maintain a 3-4 second following distance. If the road is slippery or wet, adjust your distance to _________.
6-8 secs
One-way streets have identifying features including __________.
cars going one way, signs,
In Virginia, it is illegal to drive on the left side of the road for passing purposes when __________.
approaching within 100 feet of an intersection or railroad crossing
Many collisions become more serious when drivers __________.
If you experience a blow out in one of your front tires, your vehicle will __________.
pull hard toward the deflated tire
Place or secure large items and loose objects in the __________ for safety and to deter theft.
To regain control of a vehicle in a skid, __________.
make smooth steering corrections
Motor vehicle crashes are the number ______ cause of death for people ages 2 to 33.
The proper use of safety equipment in your vehicle has the potential to ________.
reduce injury
When your car is equipped with ABS and you need to brake, you should do which of the following?
Continue to apply the same level of pressure until the vehicle comes to a stop.
If the oil pressure light illuminates while you are driving, you should_______.
pull off the road as soon as possible
If you are in an emergency and there is no space to the side to steer out of the way of a crash, ___________.
use controlled braking
You may not operate a vehicle unless all child passengers __________ are either wearing a safety belt assembly or are securely fastened into an approved child restraint device.
8-17 yo
Before you have work done on your vehicle,________.
get a detailed estimate that includes the service, the parts, and the labor costs
After you start your vehicle, and as you begin to drive, always check your______.
One driving technique that could increase your fuel economy is to_______.
: avoid unnecessary idling
Prior to any trip it is important to do all of these EXCEPT:
Check the upholstery
If parts are replaced when you have work done on your vehicle, __________.
ask to see the old ones
For specific guidelines on your vehicle’s maintenance, make sure to ___________.
reference your owner’s manual
The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards are written in terms of__________safety performance requirements for motor vehicles.
__________transport a pet in the bed of an open pickup truck.
Every 15,000 miles, _______.
check the automatic transmission fluid

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