Drivers Study Guide for KY

After recieving a permit, a driver must have a? p.1
180 day instruction period

A permit driver must drive with a licensed driver of what age? p.1
21 years or older

Unless demonstrating good cause for driving, a permit holder and intermediate phase driver under the age of 18 may not drive between the hours of? p.1
midnight and 6:00 a.m

How many hours of practce driving must a parent/guardian certify before road (skills) test can be administered? p.1
60 hours

The passenger restriction for a permit and intermediate phase driver is limited to how many people and of what age? p.1
1 unrelated person under 20 years old

When applying for an instruction permit or license for the first time you must present: (List items) p.2
Social security card, birth certificate, the signature and license or social security number of a parent, no pass/no driver form

If you change your name or address for any reason, you must obtain a duplicate license within how many days? p.4
10 days

Your permit or license is valid from the date issued through the expiration date shown on? p.4
The permit or license

Unless suspended or revoked, all licenses issued after July 2000 will expire how many days from the license holders birthdate? p.4
30 days

You need a Kentucky drivers license if you’re: p.5
a current or new resident of Kentucky who plans to drive a motor vehicle

You do not need a Kentucky drivers license if you have a? p.5
operators license or a valid license from another state

In order to obtain a Kentucky license you must: (list items) p.5
be a resident of Kentucky, at least 16, pass the vision, signs, rules, and road tests and have a parent sign the application

The test to obtain a permit will consist of: p.6
a vision examination and a written test

In order to pass the test to obtain a permit you must score a minimum of: p.6

The equipment required for your vehicle are: (list items) p.7 & 8
brakes, lights, license plate, windshield wipers, horn, muffler, rearview mirror, steering gear, safety glass, turn signals and seat belts

The lights on your vehicle must consist of: p.7
two headlights and a tail light

A vehicle must be equipped with at least one _____ brake light to the rear. p.7

A ___________ _________ is required on the driver’s side of the windshield. p.8
Windshield Wiper

More than 3 extra driving or fog lights or any siren, bell, whistle, muffler cutout, signs, posters, stickers on windshield, heavily tinted windows, red, blue or green lights showing to the front of the vehicle are __________ to place on a motor vehicle. p.9

The items that will be inspected on your motor vehicle will be: (list items) p.9
headlights, dimmer switch, horn, windshield wipers, turn signals, emergency brake, emergency flashers, brake lights

The _______ test will consist of stops, backing, turning the car around, stopping and starting on a hill, parallel parking, intersection approaches, clutch use, speed turns, lane use, right-of-way use, and over all vehicle control. p.10

If you don’t pass the road test, you must wait at least ___ days before taking the test again. p.10

An intersection is any place where 2 _______ meet. p.12

The 3 main colors that guide traffic are: (list items) p.13
Red, green and yellow

Red means: p.13

Green means: p.13
Go, if safe

Yellow means: p.13

A red light means “stop” ________ a crosswalk or stop line until the green light appears. p.13

Even though the light is red, a turn is permitted from a ____-_____ street into the nearest lane of another ____-_____ street running into the direction of that turn. p.13
One-way, one-way

A yellow light means the traffic signal is about to turn _____. p.13

A vehicle may clear and intersection on a ____ light, if the vehicle entered the intersection while the signal was ________. p.13
Red, yellow

Left turns on green must yield to through traffic coming from the __________ direction. p.13

A flashing _________ light means you must slow down and watch for others. p.13

A flashing ______ light means you must come to a full stop and proceed only when the way is clear. p.13

Two flashing ______ lights mark a railroad crossing. p.13

The familiar crossbuck sign near the tracks is a regulatory sign that means the same as a ______ sign. p. 13

A _______ arrow means you may go in the direction of the arrow, if you are in the proper lane. p.14

A flashing ________ arrow means you may proceed with caution in the direction of the arrow. p.14

A _______ arrow pointed upward means you may go “straight ahead.” p.14

A ______ arrow means no turning in the direction of the arrow, until it turns green.

When there is more than one traffic light, obey the one that is over _____ lane.

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