Drivers Ed (module 4-2)

List the first of the Three Steps of Space Management:
List the third of the Three Steps of Space Management:
List the second of the Three Steps of Space Management:
You should use ______ to control the space behind you.
Your mirrors
A red traffic light is a(n):
Closed Front area along your Direction of Travel path
Keeping a ______ around you vehicle at all times, and maintaining adequate visual leads, will give you more time to react to changing conditions.
Space cushion.
When establishing your shave cushion, you should always be careful to not dive in another driver’s ______
Blind spor
A large truck driving in your left mirror blind spot is a:
Closed Rear Left Area along your Ljne of Sight AND Direction of Travel paths
You should always allow a larger space cushion for ______.
Problem drivers
Open, Closed, or Changing are the only three possible area _____.
How many areas of vehicle operating space are there around your car that you need to be aware of?
In normal driving situations, how do you know how much space you should keep between you vehicle and the vehicle in front of you?
The “3-second rule”
What is your best weapon against complacency while driving?
______ is the most important skill in controlling the space around your vehicle.
The two paths of driver focus are:
Direction of Travel and Aline of Sight

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