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Methane Oral Interpretation Dramatic Analysis 1 . Who Is speaking? A. ) Peregrine, a traveler and deceiver. HIS goal Is to deceive Sir Polite Would-be, and take from him whatever he can, Including, possibly, his wife. His obstacle Is the Sir Politic Would-be, and later In the play several more men. HIS tactics are to Insinuate himself with Sir Polite as a friend, this Includes, Inventing stories and pretending to be Ignorant of things which he actually knows.

HIS expectation Is that this will be quite easy, as he thinks Sir Polite Is quite foolish. B. ) Sir Polite, a gullible and thoughtless man. HIS goal Is to be distracted until his wife Is ready to leave, because he does not have much regard for the place, this Includes receiving news of other places to which he has traveled. His obstacle is his wife, since she wanted to go there, and the place itself, since it offers him nothing. His tactics are to listen and believe whatever fool or liar who may come his way.

His expectation is that this will be easy, since there must be someone in this town who has news of his home. 2. From where do they speak? Venice, with the streets crowded with people, their heads crowded with opinions, with buildings more beautiful than ever, the noise of live and activity continually ringing in the ears of the inhabitants. Simply life and life in Venice. 3. When is it that they relay this information? It is in the late 16th century, when modern science was first beginning and the Catholic Spaniards were till the enemies of Protestant England.

Venice was simply a place to which one went at this time, it was an independent republic, full of intellectuals, fashions, and strange, unimaginable things, which any one with fortune wanted to see and visit. 4. About what is the piece? It is a satire of contemporary life and people, particularly the arrogant and haughty, and those with immoral tendencies. 5. Why is the piece important? It was written by Ben Johnson, so that should make it important.

Also, Hough a satire of life at that time, human nature does not change, and the criticisms of people are still legitimate and meaningful. 6. How will it be performed? Peregrine Is aloof, with a calmer being. His tone Is sarcastic and Incredulous, at first he merely wants Sir Politic to leave, but then he sees him as someone from whom he can steal. Sir Politic Is a stooped, foolish gentlemen, with a higher-pitch voice. He believes everything he hears with sincerity, and claims to have much true knowledge about things, all of which Is truly false.

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