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Do?u? University Essay Example
Do?u? University Essay Example

Do?u? University Essay Example

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  • Published: October 17, 2018
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SUBMITTED BY: T. Efruz zhsrev




This research aims to determine the reasons for the young people aged

between 12-19 to connect to internet and the usage fields and the reations

of people's personalities and virtual habits. Especially last 2 years, the

usage of internet is so increased and this affected all the levels of

society. Finding out their reasons to connect to it, which topics they

prefer to talk about, effects of this situation on them and society are

objects for this study.

Two types of methods are used in this report. These are documentary study

and field study.

The main hypothesis is, young people (12-19) connect to internet to chat on

it ore than other reasons.

This study may help to academicians and sociologists who do research on the

tendencies of the society from the point of young people on internet usage

in Turkey. Morover, the parents who their children spend so much time on

internet or the teachers may have profit by this report also.

Actually, nobody (even parents) can prevent children to connect to internet

-one of the most important necessity of our age-, however parents and

teachers must always be aware of the dangerous effects of it. They should

warn the children, show the bad sides of that behave and always control the

development of their characters with respect to the internet usage and also

other factors.



I- Introduction

1. Description of Subject4

2. Aim4

II- Preliminary Investigation

2.1. Review of Literature5

2.2. Specific Objectives5

2.3. Description of Terminology6

III- Methodology

3.1. Methods7

3.2. Selection Criteria 7



Methods of Data Collection7

IV- Analysis of Results

4.1. Introductory Findings10

4.2. Relationship between internet usage aims and practical usage


4. 4.3. Relationship between the usage of internet and chatting11

5. 4.4. Characteristic and affects on personalities of chatters13

V- Conclusion and Suggestions

5.1. Conclusion14

5.2. Suggestions 15


1. Introduction

1.1. Description of Subject

Turkey is one of the countries that have young people population is so high

in the world. However, in contrast, it is also one of the countries that

does not have so much opportunities and substructure for young society.

With the helps of other factors, this young population may unconsciously

interest with many topics. Internet is one of these topics. Improvement of

Internet in the world affected the Turkish Society too. Nowadays, many

people can connect to Internet and make profit of its goodness's. However,

everyone does not interested in Internet for job. Fun, can be a reason for

people to connect Internet. Especially, young generation connectto

Internet and spend much time on it ignorantly. Feeling of curiosity or

trying to know other people causes these people to spend more time on it

for 'chatting'. Certainly, it affects their social life, real relationships

with others, and success in school, job or any other areas.

1.2. General Aims

This report can be useful for all parents, teachers, academicians and

sociologists who do research on the causes and effects of young people

attitudes and so on.

1. Preliminary Investigation

2.1. Review of Literature

Although it is a very popular concept around the world especially in last

years, any document, book, reference book or encyclopedia could not be

found about this topic. Perhaps, in future there would be some examples of

research on this concept.

2.2. Specific

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The hypotheses are;

Young people connect to internet to chat on it more than other reasons.

Young people want to chat on internet to talk about sex more than other


. This addiction causes people to spend more time in front of the computer,

become alienated from real social life, school or job life.

. People who spend huge amount of time on chatting in Internet have some

social problems,

in this research. According to the hypotheses, this research will study on

the reasons for accessing to Internet, which application is running in

general (e-mail, web browser, chat software, download applications etc.).

Therefore, there are some key questions to research the aim. These are;

. What is the percentage of people (12-19 aged) that have internet access

. What is the frequency of usage for accessing to internet?

. How many people in the sample access to internet just for chat?

. What is the percentage of internet users (12-19 aged) that join chat

sessions everday?

. What is the percentage of people who use everday have difficulties in

relationship with other real friends?

. What is the most common topic on internet chatting?

. How many people in the sample try to prevent to spend lots of time on

internet chat?

2.3. Description of Terminology

Chat: Meeting and talking with others on internet. Users can not see their

faces, voices, etc but also read and write messages to each other.

Chatters: People who chat or join to the chat sessions on Internet

Chat Rooms: The 'cyber' places that the chat users meet on. Sometimes, in a

chat room there may be two user, sometimes over thousands.

Download: Making a copy of a file or folder, etc. that is stored in another

computer or server machine by means of internet connection.

Fake Mail: People who are not use their original idenitifications on the

net, send to others for entertainments or threating purposes. Like the

letters which is not known from whom?

Web Browser: Application softwares that lets the user to reach to and read

the documents that are in HTML format

NewsGroups: Lists for any topic desired. People send their problems and

some people answer them. It may be about any topic. A kind of helping on to


3. Methodology

3.1. Methods:

In this research, there will be used 2 types of methods. These are

documentary study and field study. Questionnaire is the main tool for field

study in this research.

3.2. Selection Criteria

Since there will be used field study and questionnaire tool, it does by

choosing the samples from the people who are aged between 12 and 19 in

Turkey. Questionnaire will answer the determination of the reasons for

accessing to internet, most used topics, the characteristics of young who

spend much time on it.

In this study, the reasons for accessing to internet, the topics which are

most common, age and sex are independent variables. It is wanted to verify

the hypotheses are concerning the key questions and they are right.

The case of study is young people. Questionnaires will be completed by

interview with the people who are aged between 12 and 19. Their education

level is graduates or students of high schools or ortaokuls in Turkey. All

the interviewers were students and age discrimination was adjucted equally.

Some of the interviewers were university or college students.

3.3. Methods of Data Collection

As it

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