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Epi 1:10,000 Cardiac arrest 1Mg IVP or IO
Dopamine Beta and Alpha Beta 2-10mcg/kg/min Alpha 10-20mcg/kg/min
Norepinephrine infusion prep and dosage range 4mg/250ml OR 8mg/500ml in D5W 0.1-0.5 mcg/kg/min
Propranolol initial, subsequent, total 1-3 mg slow IVP (1Mg/1min) MAY DILUTE IN 10-30 ML Sub: repeat in 2 minutes Total: 5 mg
Metoprolol Initial:5mg Subsequent: repeat in 5 minutes X2 Total: 15mg
Atenolol Initial: 5mg over 5 min Sub: repeat in 10 minutes Total dose: 10mg
Lidocaine IVP/IO and IV infusion Initial: 1-1.5mg/kg Sub: 0.5-0.75mg/kg Total: 3mg /kg Infusion: 1-2gm/250-500cc Dose range: 1-4 mg / min
Procainimide 20-50 mg Slow IVP MAY DILUTE in 10CC TOTAL: 17mg/kg
AMIODARONE cardiac arrest & pulsng tachs CA: 300mg, 150mg 3-5 minutes later PT: 150mg/100cc over 10 minutes MAY repeat in 10 PRN TOTAL: 2.2 gm iv/24 hours
Magnesium Sulfate v fib and pukseless v tach and torsades Vfib/pulseless v tach: 1-2gm/10cc D5W or NS slow IVP over 5-20minutes Torsades: 1-2 gm in 50-100 cc d5w or NS slow IVP over 5-60 minutes Torsades infusion: 0.5-1gm/hr
Adenosine 6mg rapid IVP 12mg Rapid IVP 1-2 minutes later
Calcium chloride 500-1000mg slow ivp Repeat as needed
Verapamil Initial: 2.5-5mg SIVP over 2 minutes Sub: 5-10mg SIVP Total: 20mg within 30 minutes
Diltiazen 0.25mg/kg Slow IVP over 2 minutes Repeat in 15 minutes 0.35 mg/kg over 2 minutes Maintence: 125mg/100cc infuse at 5-15 mg/hour

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