Does Marriage and Love Come Hand in Hand

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When the question arises on love, mostly any human believes in love and would want to have a special feeling of finding a person of their life. Believes in holding hands, commitment to each other and make promises to each other, and live happily ever after. The universal feeling of love appears everywhere, in novels, religious, movies, songs and on television. Nowadays a great controversial topic of same sex marriage comes in our head as we all think of having right to choose life partner of our life.

However, in many case whenever a love play important role, marriages fall apart.In modern society couples have found a new fashion of getting divorce. Looking at today’s US divorce percentage it is hard to belief that love and marriage goes hand on hand. It used to be true in earlier days that marriages are unsuccessful without love, and love is unsuccessful without marriages (Franklin 1743).

Yet, many divorced couple still believes in love whether they remarry, continue dating or remain single. Majority people still share common belief of love and marriage come hand in hand. Find a life partner, get marry and have kids considering it as a happy life.Marriage does not increase or decrease a scope of love to someone, nor does marriage maintain love. In many culture, arranged marriages are still present and their belief of arranged marriages have been passed on from their ancestors. Place like in Asia, arranged marriages belief is very strong and some are success some are not.

It seems too difficult to live with a life partner that is chosen by one’s parents. After several years of marriage, couple gets to know each other and while living the life with unknown person may lead to divorce. Love is not that difficult to attempt, if there is fair understanding in between couple.In any decision they make both should agree and then to step forward in their life, than the love life or marriage life would be essay to live. One should not treat other as lower or higher than them, they both should treat each other equally.

Moreover, it is not true that one has to get marry to whom they love, if they chose not to and marriage doesn’t mean one has to love the person they married to if they chose not to. But the most importantly is that, once one gets in relationship they should respect and accept the relation with all open heart (400 words minimum, excluding the heading and title).

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