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Describes the nature of operation management in the following organizations. In doing this, first identify the purpose and products of the organizations; then use four decisions types to Identify Important operations decisions and responsibilities. A. A college library b. A hotel c. A small manufacturing film 6. For the organizations listed in question 5, describe the inputs, transformation process, and outputs of the production system. 7. Describe the decision-making view and the process view of operation management. Why are both these views useful in tidying the field of operation management? . Write a short paper on some of the challenges facing operation management in the future. Use newspapers and business magazines from the library or the internet as your primary sources. 9. Review the want ads in The wall street Journal or use the internet to look for management positions that are available for operation management graduates. 10. How do changes In the environment, such as demand changes, new pollution control laws the changing value of the dollar, and price changes, affect operations? Name pacific Impacts on operations for each change 11.

Find examples of well-run and poorly run operations In recent business periodicals such as Business Week, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal. What can you learn from these examples? 12. Identify some of the current trends in operations that you think are of critical importance. 13. Describe how operations process thinking can be applied to the following types of work: a. Acquisition of another company. B. Closing the books at the end of the year. C. Marketing research for a new product. D. Design of an information system. E. Hiring a new employee.

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