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It’s 12 at dark. Tonss of documents and a cup of java on the desk prepared for drawing an all-nighter. Analyzing for the test tomorrow. jaming dozenss of class-notes and stuffs. Students are contending for an A. However. what do we anticipate them to larn from it? Is it even good to them? After all. most pupils forget about everything every bit shortly as they finish the test. Apparently. there are some cardinal jobs in our current educational system.

In the three essays. “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education” by Paulo Freire. “Against School” by John Taylor Gatto and “The Achievement of Desire” by Richard Rodriguez. the writers realize different jobs of the educational system and have different sentiments about it. In my point of position. the chief job in the current educational system is that it encourages pupils to have information meekly. without doubting. oppugning or even understanding the stuff. As a consequence. these pupils resemble machines which get many facts but can hardly develop their ain critical thought.

The three aforementioned writers have differing sentiments on the current educational system. but they all describe it as a system where pupils simply receive information but do non undergo critical thought. In “Against School. ” Gatto states that the educational system is a strategy the authorities uses to do people more “manageable” by cut downing their critical judgement. To accomplish this. school provide replies of every inquiry to the pupils. It works because “Easy replies have removed the demand to inquire questions” ( Gatto 155 ) . It is true.

Since pupils were taught in their early life that instructors are perfectly right. and that they should obey the governments. as a consequence. most of them do non judge the teachers’ accounts. As they grow up. pupils tend to happen the replies from books or instructors alternatively of calculating the reply out by themselves. Therefore. their critical and original thought have been obliterated wholly under this educational system. Furthermore. the ennui of schooling successfully removes the students’ wonder which drive them to inquire inquiries. A similar thought appears in “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education.

Freire uses the term “banking system” to depict the educational system where the instructors deposit a big sum of cognition on the pupils. Students shortly become receptacles which “extend merely every bit far as having. filling. and hive awaying the deposits” ( Freire 1 ) . These pupils do non understand how the information related to the existent universe. and can neither use the cognition to the existent universe job nor develop their ain critical thought. In “The Achievement of Desire” . Rodriguez chiefly describes his early life as a successful pupil.

It gives a concrete illustration to back up Gatto and Freire’s sentiment. As he describes himself as a “great mimic ; a aggregator of ideas. non a thinker” ( 203 ) . it fits Gatto and Freire’s description about the educational system. that even a well “successful” pupil could non execute critical and original thought. Under this type of educational system. pupils try to happen their manner to accomplish high tonss. However. it turns out that the best manner to be successful in this system isn’t the best manner to larn.

In the essays. the writers describe how the “successful” pupil is like. Harmonizing to Freire. “The more meekly the receptacles permit themselves to be filled. the better pupils they are” ( 1 ) . In order to be considered “good” under this system. pupils need to have a big sum of facts on a superficial degree. The best scheme is non to believe. non to inquiry. merely believe and memorise it. Freire observes a phenomena in which instructors talk about contents “which are detached from world. disconnected from the entirety that engendered them” ( 1 ) .

In this manner. pupils get dozenss of facts and possibly heighten their memorisation ability. but fail to understand how these facts are connected to the day-to-day life. In “The Achievement of Desire. ” Rodriguez realizes that he was the “worst pupil. ” even though he was considered “successful” in the system. “He becomes in every obvious manner the worst pupil. a dummy talking the sentiments of others. But he would non be so bad—nor would he go so successful. a scholarship boy—if he did non accurately perceive that the best equivalent word for primary ‘education’ is ‘imitation’” ( 203 ) .

The scholarship male child noticed that the best manner to win in this system is to borrow and copy the thoughts of others. Clearly we know that this is non the manner to larn. as learning requires original procedures. Therefore. it can be concluded that being successful in the educational system is non the same as being successful in larning. My experience supports this. Some instructors in my high school ask pupils to memorise all the theoretical account replies to every possible inquiry that might be asked on the standardised trial. but do non give accounts or have activities which could really assist pupils understand.

The purpose of learning would so go simply the trial tonss. My natural philosophies teacher kept reminding us how many pupils got an A in a standardised trial under his preparation. which emphasized going “machines for work outing jobs. ” Bing these machines could better our public presentation on a trial ; nevertheless. we did non retain any significant cognition throughout the category. some even losing the motive to larn afterwards. Solutions to a job can be simple once we understand the cause of it. In the essays. the writers suggest their single solutions.

Freire suggests to oppose the “banking system. ” by implementing a “problem-posing system. ” In a problem-posing system. instructors pose some jobs related to the universe and inquire the pupils to try to work out them without a consecutive forward reply ( Freire 7 ) . Students would so hold the opportunity to research the several subject by themselves. believe about every possible solution creatively. It takes clip for all pupils to calculate out the reply. and some of them may even neglect to make it. but at least each pupil has tried to believe about the job.

In this manner. pupils are larning the stuff cognitively. and hence they will understand it more deeply and be able to use the cognition to the existent universe. Furthermore. this system can actuate pupils to larn. Harmonizing to Freire. “Students. as they are progressively posed with jobs associating to themselves in the universe and with the universe. will experience progressively challenged and obliged to react to that challenge” ( 8 ) . When pupils try work outing the job. they are non being narrated by the deadening stuffs and alternatively utilize their originative learning ability.

They will happen it fun to larn in this manner and turn an enthusiasm to go on larning. In “Against School. ” Gatto suggests to make the retrograde of the school’s mediocre influence on kids. “School trains kids to be employees and consumers ; learn your ain to be leaders and adventurers. School trains kids to obey reflexively learn your ain to believe critically and independently” ( 155 ) . To make this. we can educate kids non merely by books. but besides promote them to fall in different sorts of extra-curriculum activities such that they can turn involvement in all countries.

As an international pupil. I ever compare the educational systems in America and Macau. I found that the educational system in America is comparatively more “problem-posing” than my early instruction in Macau. Professors ever give us opportunity to discourse and hold more in-class activities. I fit in this problem-posing system and therefore I can larn better and understand constructs more clearer. In decision. in order to larn cognitively and get the true cognition. pupils should seek to understand the stuffs before they decide to believe and jam it.

Doxa means common beliefs and facts. while logos means the rule of cognition. When pupils deeply understand it. they will achieve the degree of Sons. non merely doxa. It gives the pupils knowledge every bit good as the accomplishment to deduce other truths. To avoid being a machine. we should hold our ain idea and creativeness. In the ideal problem-posing system. pupils can research it in their manner but non copying others’ thoughts because they do non necessitate to worry about their classs. They would so hold their original sentiment and thought. alternatively of meekly having information. being a mindless machine.

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