Do Human Beings Have All the Rights to Domesticate Animals

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I agree to a certain extent that human beings have all the right to domesticate animals since they are the superior species. Human beings are concerned about losing their “diversity” if they no longer have the domesticated animals.

Domestication is not morally acceptable and these domesticated animals are not natural at all as they are created by us through selective breeding and confinement. Humans should first protect those undomesticated animals living in nature and then use them for biological purposes.However, the many domesticated animals that we have today have influenced our society and technology advancement significantly over the years. The relationship between human and animals provide mutual benefits. Without these animals, the society might have remained restless and mobile. We might even never have developed the culture we have currently.

If there was no advantage to the animal, it would not stay. So, domesticated animals received and gave benefits – they got food, protection and a much easier life compared to those in the wild. And we got food supplies, transport, protection and hunting assistance.Domestication of animals might be selfish, but it sure has some advantages to the animal because they live longer lives and do not have the need to hunt for food anymore. These animals are dependent on humans for when they eat, whether they have water, where and when they relieve themselves, when they sleep, whether they get exercise and more.

They are neither part of the nonhuman world nor fully part of the world. They will forever remain in a world of vulnerability and defenseless, always in our control. We humans have bred them to have certain characteristics which are harmful to them but pleasing to us.

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