Diversity Among Individuals Essay

Diversity among persons. every bit good as civilizations. provides a challenge for nurses when it comes to presenting meaningful wellness publicity and illness prevention-based instruction. How do instruction rules. varied learning manners ( for both the nurse and her patients ) . and learning methodological analysiss impact the quality of such instruction? How does understanding a patient’s position of wellness publicity and disease bar usher you in learning them? Supply an illustration.

Education is impacted any clip that the pupil ( patient ) does non understand what is being explained. so it is of import for the teacher ( nurse ) to hold multiple instruction manners and methodological analysiss to guarantee the information is clear and understood. Talking with patients. while pulling images or diagrams. every bit good as giving them handouts to take place allows you to cover all but one type of scholar. Understanding my patient’s position of wellness publicity and disease bar helps steer me to what specific information the patient will necessitate.

For illustration. A 21 twelvemonth old male who smokes baccy and has multiple sex spouses informs me that he has no desire to discontinue smoke and refuses you to discourse the affair with me. Trying to educate this patient on discontinuing smoke will make harm than good. The patient will be frustrated and perchance angry at me for non esteeming his feelings. this could perchance damage our nurse-patient relationship of trust and apprehension. In this instance I will esteem the patient’s right to smoke and pass my clip educating him on sexually transmitted diseases and the importance of safe sex.

My 21 twelvemonth old female baccy tobacco user informs me that she would wish to discontinue smoke but is holding a difficult clip. In this state of affairs I would talk with her about her troubles discontinuing smoke. frights and anxiousnesss. Supply information sing medicines that are available. plans and resources that are designed to assist her. and other options like hypnosis and stylostixis. Understanding and being able to integrate instruction rules. learning methodological analysiss. and learning manners are all really of import in patient instruction and wellness publicity but it will make you little good if you do non hold the patient’s bargain in and willingness to alter.

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