Divergent Study Guide

After Tris and Tobias share a kiss,how does Tobias react when seeing her in the cafeteria the following morning?
Like nothing happened
Average number of fears most people face?
What causes Tris to play hooky and leave the dauntless compound?
She went to see Caleb
When Jeanine quizzes Tris about whether she misses her parents how does Tris respond?
No I don’t miss them
How do Tris and Tobias convince Eric to dismiss her violation of leaving the compound?
She tried kissing Tobias and he rejected her
Description depicts Dauntless initiation ceremony?
Drunken Party
What information has tris and Tobias discovered that she feels needs to be communicated to her former faction?
Erudite is starting a war
When Tris successfully completed her final evaluation,a women injects her with another syringe containing…
Tracking Device
How many fears did Tris face in her final evaluation
What is unexpected about the tattoos Tobias has on his back
All of the factions
What job does tris indicate she would like to do after after initiation?
Ambassador the other factions
Which of Tris fears caused the leaders watching her fear landscape to laugh
When the final results are announced which two initiates rank the lowest and are cut
Molly and Drew
How does Tris discover that her friends and fellow Dauntless are in the Dauntless army
They are braindead and sleepwalking
Why is tris unaffected by the control transmitter
Because her divergence
How does tris prevent Eric from shooting Four
Shoots Eric in the foot
After Tris and Four are captured,Jeanine reveals that most of the divergent Coke from which faction
Jeanine decides to execute tris through what method
Who does Tris face-off against in the computer room