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Discuss the intent ( s ) of instruction in society. Explore the deductions of this intent ( s ) for pupils and instructors in Singapore schools.


Education, a much debated subject as the moral force of it is so great that one can ne’er set a sustained intent to it. It is, defined as the act of geting general cognition, developing the powers of concluding and judgement and to fix oneself intellectually for a mature life. Education is of monumental plus and importance in the construction of society, the kineticss of globalisation has compel pedagogues all over to invariably accommodate and react to sophisticated but sometimes beliing values. There is an increasing demand to oppugn being critical and to non accept whatever conventional thought, instructors and pupils have to be ‘critical signifiers of criticalness themselves ‘ ( Stables, 2006 ) . Therefore, in this essay in the name of critical positions in instruction, I will surely seek my best to carry through the standards of being critical but at the same clip rational in my pursuit to show my sentiments and review of the intent of instruction in our Singapore society. To sum up my abstract position, “ the intent ( s ) of instruction in society ” which is the exact quotation mark within the subject, is to presume, the intent ( s ) of instruction takes precedence, but this is frequently non the instance as I would propose that it will instead be society ‘s intent ( s ) for instruction. It will be ideal if society live within the true intent of instruction, but ideal is usually impossible, as society is a construction of worlds within constructions, where it is a rat race and endurance meant the changeless battle to out-perform and the unconditioned nature of fight will, get the better of the true intent of instruction.


Society, in general is a corporate community where the inter-weaving and dynamic societal, economic and exists in an inter-dependence functionality. Education therefore organize an built-in function in this society as it provides to, the most of import factor of society, humans a particular set of accomplishments and endowment that will guarantee the prosperity and advancement of the society. Simply put, the intent of instruction in a society is to fit the persons within the society with accomplishments and information for the better good. Measuring the “ better good ” will be the impact of societal and economical success that the persons will supply. The importance of instruction in any society can non be undermined ; it is and must be the foundation of any society.

“ We must retrieve that intelligence is non plenty? Intelligence plus character — that is the end of true instruction. The complete instruction gives one non merely power of concentration, but worthy aims upon which to concentrate. The wide instruction will, hence, transmit to one non merely the accrued cognition of the race but besides the accrued experience of societal life. ”


Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King competently summed up in his quotation mark and taking the most of import portion of it will be “ The complete instruction gives one non merely power of concentration, but WORTHY OBJECTIVES upon which to concentrate ” . This is the intent of instruction within society, to educate and assist the single find a nonsubjective and niche in which he/she will carry through extreme possible excessively the “ accrued experience of societal life ” The intent of instruction in a society is to, supply economic wealth, societal prosperity and political stableness within a society. To acquire replies, we have to inquire inquiries, therefore is the primary and cardinal intent of instruction simply merely assisting pupils get good classs, go into a good college, specialized, lend to society and go USEFUL and EFFICIENT member of society?

The Economical intent of Education

Accelerated development is brought about by educated people. Barely will anyone differ to this point as the more erudite you are in a specialised field, the more you can lend and therefore, speed up the development within the industry. A general illustration will be the increasing accent of the R & A ; D section or field. These specialised groups of people, frequently the elites of the related industries are the 1 that guarantee development and growing within the sector. The continual betterments so that the economic system will non stagnate as increasing cognition and expertness are changeless and therefore explicating the portion of accelerated growing.

Dimensions of Economic Function of Education ( O’Donoghue, 1971 )

In my sentiment, there will be two dimensions ;




Education will supply and produces the quantum of work force required by the economic system at any point of clip. E.g. Doctors, Teachers, Factory Workers, Lawyers, etc.

Education equips people with specialised accomplishments and cognition to map in the several economic system.

Increase the flexibleness and mobility of work force in order to get by with the kineticss demands of the society or economic system.

Supply a course of study cater to the demands of society.

Long school old ages serve as gate-keeping mechanism to maintain young person until a certain age from the labour market/ control the inflow of work force ( latent map ) .

Compulsory Education besides provide a latent map in which, an ensured supply of young person are being stream into the work force.


Education provides specialisation of cognition being passed down.

Equip people with cognition based accomplishments ( text-books cognition, theories and etc )

Equip people with the trifle of accomplishments, hands-on patterns and on-job instruction.

To continue the quality within the pupils it produces which will be projected in footings of economic growing.

The intent of instruction within a society puts ample accent to the cause of economic system growing and prosperity. Its chief purpose serves to supply the society ‘s work force with a steady watercourse of QUALIFIED forces and leaders to take this qualified work force. In a more polished signifier, the intent of instruction is to supply for the economic prosperity of a state.

Social Purposes of Education

If the intent of instruction for the economic sector of society is to supply economic prosperity, so the imperial intent of instruction for the societal sector is to supply integrating, sense of belonging and instill moral values within the young persons. The societal development through instruction is obvious in how single interact and survive within a society or community. It helps one to happen he/her individuality and to be able to interact with one another. The procedure of instruction, usually exist in a group brings about societal coherence and contributes to one ‘s inter-personal intelligence. This will be good to the society in legion ways.

To guarantee social-cohesiveness this will increase teamwork and the inter-functionality of the society.

To instill a certain criterion of moral values in young persons as this positive trait will be helpful in elating the cultural criterion of the state.

To transfuse a sense of belonging and it will convey trueness to the society which might ensue in young persons being more motivated to work for the advancement of the society.

To increase and keep a strongly bonded society as it is less immune to invasion or corrosion of any sort therefore increasing the societal defence of the societal community as a whole.

To increase political consensus and to guarantee that political consensus will be easy achieved and can forestall lesser decomposition within society

Although, economic growing is frequently the standard carrier for any indicant of society prominence, one can non bury the importance of societal ‘s instruction intent. It will make up one’s mind whether the state is united and will do the society a better topographic point to populate in, increasing societal felicity and increasing criterion of life. The intent of instruction in Singapore, in decision, is to transfuse moral values, sense of belonging, increase social-cohesive and to learn about corporate values that will be shared within a common community to guarantee peace and stableness. As Singapore ‘s Education Minister Tharman acknowledged, ‘Ideologies and events that threaten to polarise communities are now immediately spread and immediately accessed globally, via both traditional media and the Internet ” ( Tharman, 2008 )

Positive deductions & gt ; ( Economicss )

Singapore, frequently admired for its instruction system has a really focussed and effectual system that manages to filtrate out endowments and suited person for all divisions of the work force. We pride in our system of meritocracy where consequences is wholly based on the attempt you put in. Economically, Singapore decidedly thrives under this system as evident from our rapid and consistent economic growing.

The puting up of engineering school where it encourages specialisation in field of surveies off from mainstream institutes like JCs.

Puting up Institute Technical Education where pupils of lesser academic value have a hands-on preparation on the occupations in the market now.

Provides work fond regards for pupils while in the class of survey.

( Social )

Education, in footings of its societal intents has done a great occupation in Singapore. Singaporeans have high societal etiquettes and moral values really much rooted to all the young persons in our society. Community involvements activities have enable pupils to develop certain degree of empathy towards the needy of this society, this is critical with the instance of ageing population in Singapore. National Education besides serves to develop a sense of belonging towards the state and to educate the young persons about our yesteryear and nowadays will better the connection between them and the state in general.

National Education, tools for state edifice and sense of belonging and to allow youth understand Singapore ‘s alone challenges, restraints and exposures, and transfuse the nucleus values of meritocracy, harmoniousness and good administration ( Ministry of Education, 2008 ) .

CIPs, tools to develop empathy within young persons

Civic Moral Education, serves to transfuse and instill moral values and importance of racial harmoniousness into young persons

These 3 policies form a three-pronged attack towards the character and societal edifice of the pupil where they will be taught to develop national trueness, empathy and moral values. Most significantly being the challenge to hammer national individuality in the thick of globalisation. ( Baildon, 2009 ) These, will decidedly better the societal wellbeing of the province and complementing the economic intents, achieve even higher prosperity.

Critical analysis

It is being argued that in world, our educational, societal and economic spheres, in world in the chase of economic excellence, bury the true impression of instruction. It devolve into an instruction for the corporate where people learn what the society wants them to or necessitate them to. One strong unfavorable judgment is the Civic Moral Education, it is argued that it s more towards “ citizenship preparation ” instead than reliable moral preparation. ( Chew Oon, 1998 ) Human capital is seen as a resource simply for economic growing and is indispensable to whether the state would “ drop or swim ” ( Minchin, 1990 ) As mentioned, “ Education viewed in instrumental footings became the agencies of accomplishing both the development of human capital and the edifice of societal, communitarian physiological reactions that could adhere a province with such a high grade of diverseness ” . ( Gopinathan, 2007 ) It can besides be argued that with the way and policy that Singapore undertakes, it merely serves to develop people to be cogs in an economic machine and therefore, one ‘s extreme potency will ne’er be fulfill if he/she ne’er undergo reliable instruction but alternatively, in an economically-engineered instruction. If one decides on a way that defies economic mainstream, one will happen himself in a no-man land where he/she will be seen as a societal castaway, of no evident value to the society. Therefore, conveying my point that there is a latent social force per unit area that decides or path the path of larning ( what he/she will larn ) , this will withstand the true intent of instruction. An reliable instruction experience should non be upon an docket, it should be larn what you want, non what you should. Another downside will be the rigorous control the Government has over the instruction system, political relations are seldom discussed and pupils learn to obey the authorization, instruction on democracy is put to a bare lower limit where in the long term, youths become politically apathetic, nescient and do non dispute ( Tan, 2004 ) . Very competently put, ( Gopinathan, 2007 ) states that, instruction in Singapore ‘is chiefly a manner of revising the productive capacity of the system ‘ . The intents of instruction have to be balanced and in current state of affairs, it is tipped perilously towards the side of economic involvement and that will necessarily, defeats the true impression of instruction in the long-run. In decision, Singapore instruction intents frequently forms non an reliable instruction experience, but one that works entirely for the greater good of society, engineered such a manner that instruction loses its ultimate true impression. ( 2043 words )

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