Discourse Analysis of Charity Advertise

Length: 165 words

This image is also significant with relation to the advert. Bearing leaves on a tree means that the branch is fresh and its spring time. The same is signified through this image in relation to the advert that the organization helps the children to spring like spring on the leaves. Conclusion ; In this study, advertisements of charitable organizations have been analyzed. Such advertisements generally aim at raising public awareness of retain social problems, and asking people to donate money for a certain social cause.

Advertisements of charitable organizations need to be, and most of the time are, more persuasive than commercial advertisements. Linguistic and visual tools used to achieve the goals of charitable organizations have also been analyzed in this study. ; In all the advertising data explicit textual information is provided. The information is detailed so that the audience would not interpret it incorrectly. All the images and signs are interrelated and are also related to the goals of organization and the broader social context.

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