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When you deliberate on a catastrophe. it becomes clear that any such event has three stages to it. Initially. there are ancestors that lead to the catastrophe. When adequate ancestors have accumulated. the catastrophe occurs at that specific tipping clip. Finally after the catastrophe has happened the concluding stage of declarations occurs. The declarations are stairss that the society effort to implement to return the effects that the event has produced. See the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe that happened on July seventeenth 2010. Upon critical reappraisal the group have identified series of ancestors that led to the catastrophe.

At the tipping point the catastrophe occurred. lives were lost and legion crew members injured. After the initial daze of the catastrophe and emptying of the crew applied scientists and BP staff attempted to shut the well with legion tests. Finally policy shapers were involved in development of the new safety policies. Numerous probes and tests were performed to better understand the catastrophe and avoid similar events. At the terminal legion ancestors have been identified. the catastrophe was resolved and the effects identified. The Deepwater Horizon accident was found to hold multiple ancestors that caused this calamity.

Specifically. a sequence of eight safety barriers that were breached led to the detonation which killed eleven people and caused widespread pollution throughout the Gulf of Mexico. At first the annulus cement barrier was installed improperly and did non insulate the hydrocarbons coming from the well. The shoe path barrier did non insulate the hydrocarbons. As a effect these two events allowed hydrocarbons to lift up the well and aboard the Deepwater Horizon rig. The negative force per unit area trial was falsely interpreted. The inflow of hydrocarbons was non recognized until it was excessively late.

Well control response actions failed to recover the control of the well. This led the good flow to be diverted to the clay gas centrifuge doing gas to be vented onto the vas instead than being diverted over board. Safety fire and gas systems did non forestall hydrocarbon ignition from the engine room. Finally. the runaway preventer ( BOP ) exigency manners did non seal the well due to the accretion of old seven events mentioned above. With these eight events taking one to another. it was much more hard to prehend the detonations and fire that damaged the MUX overseas telegrams and hydraulic lines.

This resulted in failure of the exigency gulf system. To reason. it is clear that specific and identifiable ancestors can be discovered and that their accretions to a tipping point lead to the catastrophe. The 2nd stage of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe trades with applied scientists and BP proficient staff seeking to shut the well so that the oil spill is stopped. To cut down the oil slop the leaking oil is set on fire with the hope that the spill will be reduced. On May 2nd. 2010 PB starts to bore a alleviation good that should catch that leaking site.

On May 5th one of the leaking sites is capped. nevertheless oil continues to leak from the well. On May 7th BP applied scientists use the containment Chamberss to shut the staying leaks. The thought fails and is abandoned. On May 9th a “junk shot” attack is implemented. the undermentioned twenty-four hours “top hat” attack is planned out. The effort to cut down the leak continues. legion other attacks and programs are implemented to either cut down the oil spill or wholly hold it. On grand 4th BP studies that utilizing the latest effort the “static kill” appears to be successful and efforts to for good seal the leak are in the procedure.

On September 19th the Deepwater Horizon leak have been for good sealed. The incubus that happened on May 2nd has been halted but non to the full resolved. The environmental affect that the catastrophe caused will run the hereafter of Gulf of Mexico Waterss for decennaries. For illustration. seahorse populations in the part diminution and the Hippocampus zosterae. dwarf coinage of walruss. is on the brink of extinction. The function of applied scientists in the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe is huge. During the accretion of ancestors there are groundss that applied scientists knew about pandemonium that was happening on the Deepwater Horizon rig.

However. due to hapless direction and deficiency of communicating between companies involved in the undertaking. applied scientists had small impact in rectifying the ancestors. Finally. when the catastrophe occurred. the BP applied scientists tried assorted efforts and thoughts to shut the opened good. Lastly environmental applied scientists are and will be involved in cleaning attempts of the Gulf of Mexico Waterss. Therefore it is of import to see the applied scientists as non merely the ancestors in a catastrophe but besides as proactive members of society that effort repairing the environment to pre-disaster province.

Therefore. technology is involved with all catastrophe stages. As a group. we plan to integrate each catastrophe stage into the concluding study and discourse how technology procedure have been helping the future turning away of similar catastrophes. It is of import to understand that media studies cover merely a few facets of catastrophes and intelligence in general. In many instances the range of media studies is within political and economic spectrums. Therefore farther research into paperss released by assorted committees and research workers that are publically available will be looked at and analysed by the group and its members.

The group procedure is traveling harmonizing to the mileposts developed and outlined in the proposal paper. Despite this. new chances in scheduling allows for the group to hold a few excess meetings and possibly complete the concluding study in front of the scheduled clip. The comparison chart of mileposts is outlined below. Over all there are a few challenges that the group have to work through. As mentioned above the group plans to analyse some studies developed by the research workers of the catastrophe. The ambitious portion is to read through pages of proficient analysis and to place related parts for the assignment.

Since there are new group meetings. it should be possible to carry through this undertaking in professional mode. In add-on the group will make a presentation on the undertaking therefore these two meeting day of the months will be allocated towards that clip. The concluding paper will incorporate a more elaborate and chronological lineation of the catastrophe stages. The paper will discourse the causes. ancestors and policy developments that occurred as of the consequence of the catastrophe. The general dislocation of the parts has non changed since they were assigned during the composing of the proposal paper.

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