Disaster Management, Community Health Care Worker

Human made/or natural event that results in disruption, destruction, and devastation that cannot be relieved without EXTERNAL ASSISTANCE
Disaster Medical Assistance Teams
DMATs are specially trained civilian physicians, nurses, and other health care personnel that can be sent to a disaster site within hours of activation
Factors that contribute
Overcrowded cities and urbanization= civil unrest and riots, building in coastal flood plains.
Three stages of disaster
Preparedness, response, recovery.
Preparedness- 4 steps for safety
Find out what could happen, create a plan, complete a checklist, practice and maintain plan
ARC classify disasters
Type, Level, scope, ARC trains HCP
Federal Response Plan
When the disaster overwhelms the state and local emergency operations. Activate DMATs. Provide mass shelter and food
Casualty Types
Multiple-casualty: more than 2 but fewer than 100
Mass- 100 or more
Process of separating casualties and allocating treatment based on victims potential for survival
Colors of triage tags
Red- top priority
Yellow- w/ complications but not life threatening
Green- last priority, stable.
Black- Dead or are going to
Role of Nurse
Shelter manager, health assessment, emergency communication, record keeping, flexibility is critical.
Rebuilding, financial and material assistance, psychological counseling.
Recovery Phase
Evaluate effectiveness, review procedure and performance, review records, gather input from workers, determine what worked and what didn’t.
Long term treatment of disaster
Children: burn physical changes, parents: financial loss, older adults: loss of independence, businesses- close, relocate, rebuild, change social fabric of community.
Long Term Support
Insurance issues, FEMA funding, private donations, paperwork, PTSD.
24-72 hours after. Accelerates healing process, positive coping, restores and reinforces group work, promotes a healthy work atmosphere, identifies individuals who require more psychological needs.
Community Health Care Worker
Facilitate healthcare resources
Define social determinants
Facilitate system navigation
Facilitate communication between HCP and communities they serve
Provide healthcare education
Raising awareness and advocating for the under served. Creating partnerships with community agencies.
Facilitating case mngm. Assisting in transport issues.
CHCM methods
Training, outreach, referrals, partnerships, program development.
Long term outcomes
Change in behavior, policies, social action, overcoming social determinants of health
Short term outcomes
empowering, educate, awareness, change in attitude, acquiring skills, assessing community needs, motivating, healthy choices, etc.
Overall outcomes-impact
Creating healthier community
Impacting State Health EQUITY Statistics
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