direct marketing exam 1

direct marketing
the interactive use of advertising media to stimulate an immediate behavior modification in such a way that this behavior can be tracked, recorded, analyzed and stored on a database for future retrieval and use
the offer
the terms under which a specific product, service, or brand is promoted. the Proposition or Enticement to buy
Brand direct
merging of traditional brand advertising and response direct marketing (will occur more frequently during a recession)
Elements of promotion
lists/media (40%)
Offer (20%)
creative (30%) (Layout/format (15%) Copy (15%))
Timing (10%)
needs to compel readers to respond by giving them rationales on why they should believe the offer
4 categories of copy
benefits, description, support copy, sweeteners/facilitators
how it is communicated.
Layout / Format
Part of the creative. the visual
Part of the creative. Benefits Description / features Support Sweeteners
Reaching customers when they are in the market and ready to buy
Lifetime value
the potential profit of a single customers purchase of our products throughout his or her lifetime
number of times an individual has ordered within a specific period of time
latest purchase or other activity recorded for an individual or company on a specific customer list
monetary value
total expenditures by a customer during a specific time, generally 12 months

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