Direct Marketing (1)

Direct Marketing
Is a database-driven interactive prices of directly communicating with targeted customers or prospects using any medium to obtain a measurable response or transaction via one or multiple channels
Direct marketing is … … Marketing. It’s goal to … And … Customers, regardless of whether these customers are themselves consumers, buyers for industrial organizations, potential …
Database-driven; create and cultivate; donors or voters
Brand Marketing
Was mass marketing, and direct marketing was niche marketing.
Brand marketers primarily used
Newspapers and broadcast media(television and radio) to get products or services recognized and preferred by masses of consumers
Direct marketers predominantly used
direct mail and catalogs with customized offers designed for individual customers to motivate a specific response that could be tracked and measures to determine its effectiveness and resulting sales
Customer Relationship management.
We examine interactive customer relationships, as well as the related subjects of customer affinity and loyalty, pointing to the need for determining the lifetime value of a customer
Customers are
The life blood of an organization
multichannel fulfillment is
Also called multichannel distribution because it refers to a marketer using several (2or more)competing channels of distribution to reach the same target customers
Industrial goods
Are generally used in raw materials or in the fabrication of other goods
Political micro-targeting
(Also narrowcasting) is aggregating groups of voters based on data about them available in databases and on the Internet -to target them with tailor made messages
The traditional marketing cycle
Manufacturer->wholesaler->retailer->final consumer
Why DM grow
1) printing technology
2) credit cards
3)personal computers
4) changing consumer lifestyles
5) negative aspects of retail shopping
More recently :new media
DM formats
1)e-mail marketing
2) blogging
3)search engine marketing
4) social media
5) mobile mark
6) digital video
DM is still
New digital and SM marketing techniques help
Create new ways of communication with customers
Marketers are using new DM applications to
Reach and interact with consumers on a personal base
DM users include
1) B2B
2)Nonprofit direct marketers
Non profit direct marketers
DM is ideal for nonprofit organizations because it is measurable, accountable, targeted, cost effected, and required a direct response-qualities that are all of particular importance to organizations that exist to support and advance a cause.
Example of nonprofit organizations
Hospital, university, mother against drunk driving, peninsula society for the prevention or cruelty to animals
Political organizations
Governmental organizations
U.S. Postal office
U.S. Department of Navy
U.S. Military
Sports organizations
Using B to C, and B2B
4 uses of nonprofit DM
1) gaining awareness and supporters
2)driving membership
3)securing volunteers
4) raising funds
3 basic fundraising principles
1)form a committee of influentials with the charge to make contacts with potential contributors
2)mount a direct response campaign to a list of identified prospective contribution
3) organize a follow up campaign to support the direct response a campaign
Most nonprofit organizations
DO NOT use the word “customer” preferred terms :donors, volunteer etc.
Cause-related marketing
A commercial actively where businesses and charities or causes form a partnership with each other to market an image and etc.

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