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Muhammad KhanRuane-310/30/14In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Romantic novel The Scarlet Letter, Dimmesdale faces emotional stress that leaves him in a state of incessant fear. If he decided to take part in a modern-day Halloween party, Dimmesdale would come dressed as a sailor because of their freedom from societal expectations and their role as a reminder of his past.Dimmesdale would envy the lack of restrictions placed in sailors in Puritan society, motivating him to emulate them on this one day of the year.

In the rigid Christianity used to administer the city of Boston, only the sailor can find exemption from the law. While the beadle and magistrates would swiftly reprimand any Bostonian attempting to transgress the boundaries of God’s law, sailors incorporate themselves into society without conforming to its rigorous demands. Dimmesdale has great need of relieving himself from the stress his religion imposes on him, especially since the Puritans view him as a paragon of morality and virtue. He shows this desire to liberate himself from his religion after encountering one of his most respectable deacons. During this meeting, Dimmesdale continually conjures up thoughts of blasphemy not of his own accord. To reveal these thoughts to the deacon, or any one of the Puritans, would not only permanently ruin his reputation, but also destabilize the entire community because of the influence Dimmesdale has on so many individuals’ faith.

However, if he could become a sailor, he would be able to voice his sinful thoughts without fear of earthly judgment. A 2014 Halloween party would be perfect for Dimmesdale because of the general decline in religious influence on people currently and the sinful nature of Halloween itself, with its justification of threatening people for unhealthful substances and assuming the role of demonic individuals like witches and bestial creatures. Because of his immense desire to escape the pressures of Christianity, dressing as a sailor would…

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