Digital Tangible Partners With Amagi Metals

DigitalTangible Launched A New Online Market for Gold and Bitcoin

In a statement Taariq Lewis, CEO and Co-Founder of DigitalTangible explained their motive behind this gesture. He thinks gold investors are the pioneers in commodity investing, so the company wanted to make a way for investors to trade between Gold and Bitcoin easily.

This new kind of trade can be done within a few minutes only and does not entail any additional fees. Neither does the online process require involvement of any middlemen.

DigitalTangible formed partnership with dealer Amagi Metals to introduce a virtual marketplace where interested investors can exchange bitcoins for gold, and vice versa, in real time.

Amagi Metal’s recent announcement about how they will eventually stop accepting USD as payment for sales of precious metals made the headlines.

The motive behind this change was to use the Bitcoin Blockchain and provide a low cost system to the dealers who buy precious metals from them. Experienced traders can also instantly exchanged Gold for Bitcoin’s during times of volatility.

When practiced, this new system would include a few steps. First, investor would buy precious metals from DigitalTangible’s catalog. They will get the metal at very low premiums. The premiums can be as low as 1.87% for a 1 ounce physical gold coin.

While investors can ask to have the gold coins delivered home, it is recommended that the investor assigns a public address to their precious metal purchase. With this address and the private key used to controls it, investor can easily transfer his gold belongings to a partnered exchange site.

In that site, he can take in trading. He may choose to trade some or all the metal he has in exchange for bitcoins. Especially those who do not like fiat currencies very much will enjoy this innovative marketplace a lot as it allows them to alternate between keeping their savings in Gold and Bitcoin. They also can take physical delivery of the precious metals whenever they want.

Products by DigitalTangible and Amagi gold are also qualified for Individual Retirement Accounts. This means that Bitcoins will get greater exposure to people looking for alternate ways to buy gold at cheap rates like United States retirement investors and advisors.

To promote this new system and to encourage new investors, DigitalTangible is offering free overnight shipping to all their customers for a limited time. They are also offering users with discounts on all Amagi 1-ounce gold items.

Stephen Macaskill, CEO of Amagi Metals, stressed that no one likes to work with a third party anymore. Bitcoin is working to make that sentiment stronger by eliminating middlemen.

Macaskil also explained how the new online market place allowing trade between gold and bitcoins is a quick and reliable system.

It is a new style of preserving wealth. Investors and other who are looking to pay for gold with bitcoins can choose this system. People ought to like it and DigitalTangible is leading the way.

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