Digital Preservation: Practical and Limitation Essay

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Name Matrix No. Class Title Saracen bind Jamie 201 2544415 KIM IF Digital Preservation: Practical and Limitation 1. 0 Introduction Preservation of digital records bring along a big challenges Includes the roles of the institution, legal and policy Issues, the right of Intellectual property and other technical Issues.

This conceptual paper will discuss about the digital preservation of the material whether it is originally born digital or being digitized by archives institution.

For the local authority archivists, the major challenge that they faces are the management of digital records and the long-term preservation of it. Government bodies had already received the obligation to manage the digital records through the Freedom of Information (FOE) but It still did not give significant among policy makers In local government. According to Kimberly Barbara (2004), there are two perspectives that involves in strategic vision for electronic records which are what is the program that archive hope to be implement and the reality situation of government itself.

. 0 Central Content The content is more about ‘Archives in Digital Age’ which is emphasis on the legislation and policies that bring the changes to the local and central government in order to manage their records. Besides, it also about how electronic records in UK public sector are being managed. Other than that, it also shows the factors that limit some Institutions in order to preserve their cultural heritage In the modern era.

The discussion also Involves about the development of SCAT (Scat Is Creation And Trust) in the Clotheshorse Archives.

It Is a workbench tool that Is developed for archivist in the local government archive. 3. 0 Discussions 3. 1 Mall drivers that need to be change (Policy and Legislation) E-Government policy, Freedom of Information Act 2000, Data Protection Act 1998 and Environmental Information are the main drivers that need to be change.

The Modernizing Government agenda are aims to make a transformation in term of public services in I-J. It really Includes the full use of information communication technologies or CIT to serves the public services.

E-Government Is all about focusing 2000 makes the compulsory the changing in the business and culture practices of the entire public bodies in Wales and England. This act is applying to all information including electronic records. 3.

2 Electronic records management in public sector The need in order to guide and provide facilities in the way to support an electronic record’s management is the urgent thing that needs to be considered. But majority of archives did not started any work that can help in achieving the milestones that been identifies by National Archives for a successful in an electronic management program.

In order to achieving success an archive will need to: a) An organization’s repositioning. B) Training in issues and also implementation.

C) A legislative acknowledgement about the role of the archive services. D) The resources that need in implementing programmer. 3. Education, research and training.

The controversial areas are the education and training in digital preservation and electronic records management. There are many opinions that the area that should be focusing is the preservation and access area. However, acquiring the skills in electronic management is more important than others.

There is an existing university that has a archives management courses but they are lack of practical and it will give a bad impact to the student. It is because the students did not have the chances to practice the real thing rather than Just learn the theory.

3. 4 Practical limit in digital preservation Try to imagine about the perfect digital preservation which is the archive would identify and capture the content that had been created by humanity in an instantly and also continuously. All the information will be catalog and it is available to users and also perfectly safe the information.

But, when return to reality, the digital preservation is imperfect.

Nowadays, archives are deadly far from the outlined above. There are factors that contribute to the situation. There are the limitation of the technology itself and also the non-technical factors that give an effect towards the archival of the digital objects. There are two technical issues that give a negative effect toward digital preservation which are the loss of data and obsolescence of the technology itself. There are many things that can cause the loss of data such as the physical deterioration.

Some of physical media had been written their binary code in it. The environment also can influence the physical deterioration of digital media. When the bits of digital media lose the definition, it will become unreadable. The other things that can cause the data losing are the human action such as accidental delete and also because of the software bugs. Other than that, environmental dangers such as war, fire and flood also will influence the digital deterioration of the Try to assume that the digital archive maybe can solve the physical deterioration problem; they are still face with the technological obsolescence.

As we know, technologies are changes too fast and sometime we cannot catch it up and make it match to our software.

Because of the rapid change whether in the computer software or hardware, the problem of technological obsolescence will come. There is the strategy that being involve to avoid deterioration and also obsolescence by copy he data such as from the older to the current and latest generations of the file formats and the storage media itself. Besides, digital objects have their limiting access because some of that only can be access for a short time.

There are also demands an active preservation in other to avoid permanent loss.

In the other hand, the lifespan weapon are usually short. The law should be revised regularly because lack of it can give the negative impact towards the digital preservation in which the archival institution will preserve the digital objects without concern and protection by legal. On digital preservation, there are many funding models which each of it have their own limitations. The content preserve can be done by publicly funded agencies but the problem is they maybe may lack a mandate to do it.

. 5 SCAT (scat creation And Trust’) It is the workbench tool in digital creation for the archivists. It enables archivist to learn about the digital creation itself by doing it or in the easy thought is learning through practice it. A local government archive which is Clotheshorse Archives (GA) is under the Clotheshorse County Council (ICC), the organization which involve as part of the function of the integrated information management. In 2007, this organization started the research and development of material into digital creation.

The program is run in no cost or low cost and also accessible to user.

There are two missions of the programmed which are the availability of information to the users and the continuing of the operational environment. There are three approaches that can be used in other to preserve the digital material as well as to manage the technological obsolescence that had been mention early in this article. The three approaches are migration, emulation and also museum. The meaning of migration are the converting the threatened data format to the less vulnerable format.

Emulation retain the access to the obsolete format by allows the current IT systems to match with the obsolete technology. Museum maintains the obsolete technology workings version in other to maintain the access retain.

4. 0 Conclusion If the electronic records issues are being ignored, then archives will get a negative impact and will face the risk to loss evidential and historical records. It is not Just give important cultural heritage. Electronic management commonly been viewed as CIT issues.

If the electronic records management was applied, the responsibility maybe lies with the CIT department; it is rarely have structural that have link with the records management program or archives.

The other important conclusion that can be drawn which is the limitations identified is related but it is distinct. Other else, SCAT (Scat is Creation And Trust) is the successful creating tool by Clotheshorse Archives in digital creation research and management program. SCAT provide practical based learning to the archivist itself and it can bring the digital preservation program more effective and efficiently be done.

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