Digital Marketing test 1

Customer Marketing Model
Awareness, interest and engagement, acquisition, customer segmentation, customer retention, support and advocacy
the creation and satisfaction of demand for your product or service
digital marketing
utilizing the internet and other digital channels to drive demand for your products and services
a set of ideas that outline how a product line or brand will achieve its objectives
The 5Ps model
product, promotion, place, price, people
internal factors influencing the setting of marketing objectives
corporate objectives, finance, operational issues, human resources
external factors influencing the setting of marketing objectives
competitors actions, technological change, market factors
porters five forces
power of suppliers, power of customers, threat of new entrants, threat of substitute products, competitive rivalry within the industry
Digital marketing strategy steps
1. context
2. value exchange
3. objectives
4. tactics and evaluation
5. ongoing optimisation
a visitor completing a target action
conversion funnel
a defined path that visitors shoudl take to reach the final objective
conversion rate
the number of conversions divided by the number of visitors
steps of the buyer journey
discovery, consideration, decision
profiles developed to represent key attributes/ characteristics that are specific to your target audience
reasons to conduct market research
gain customer insights, understand industry changes, identify and engage new audiences, discover new market trends, obtain insights to improve your product/service or provide new
steps to conducting research surveys
1. determine what you want to learn
2. determine your sample
3. choose data gathering methodology
4. create questionnaire
5. sample test
6. implement survey
7. analyze the data
A website survey tool which collects feedback from your websites visitors and measures customer satisfaction and task completion
online survey platform that is easy to administer, low cost, and provides analytics data based on survey responses
content strategy model
substance, structure, workflow, governance, core strategy
call to action
a phrase written to motivate the reader to take action
above the fold
the content that appears on a screen without user having to scroll
advantages to long copy
provides more information, foster relationship, create brand personality
advantages to short copy
easy to scan, comprehend easily
content marketing metrics
1. traffic
2. engagement
3. social shares
4. backlinks
5. conversion rates
display advertising goals
Build brand awareness and increase share of voice, create customer demand, inform customers, build brand loyalty, drive response and sales
dynamic creative optimization
ad tactic that can increase engagement, allows marketers to service distinct set of ad creative based on audience targeting data
Ad synching
tactic to boost engagement by using multiple ad placements to complement another, creating a more cohesive and relevant page presence
components of a great digital creative
1. interactive
2. customizable
3. contextual
4. entertaining
5. playful
6. useful
landing page
the first page a user reaches when clicking on a link in an online marketing campaign
search engine results page (SERP)
the page that shows the results for a search on a search engine
click through rate
the total clicks on a link divided by the number of times that ad link has been shown
types of PPC advertising
search, display, social network, mobile network
vanity url
the url that you see on the SERP
ad extension
a type of ad format that show extra information about your business. some can be added manually and others are automated
targeting: keyword match types
broad, phrase, exact, negative
key quality score components
1. Keywords
2. Ad copy
3. Landing page relevance
4. historical CTR
steps to planning and setting up a search PPC campaign
1. Define business goals and conduct market research
2. define business objectives
3. establish a budget and metrics for success
4. conduct keyword research
5. create ads (title, copy) and ensure tracking is in place
6. launch a campaign by placing bids
7. measure and analyze results, test, and optimize
PPC management process
create relevant keywords and ad groups, test ads and keywords, use reporting tools to measure results, refine campaign; keep doing what works
steps for advertisers for PPC
1. create copy for the ad
2. create a specific landing page for the ad
3. select the keywords for which the ad should appear
4. specify the maximum amount willing to pay per click
steps for ad platform for PPC
1. check compliance with editorial guidelines
2. display the ad for relevant search queries
3. determine the position of the ad based upon the advertisers maximum bid in relation to other bids
4. charge advertiser based on number of clicks
successful ad copy practices
1. utilize keywords in title and ad copy
2. appeal to target audiences emotions
3. incorporate a CTA to entice users to take action
4. provide a fluid/ expected user experience through appropriate landing pages
5. test and refine- use A/B testing to measure effectiveness
paid search technology landscape
keyword research tools, competitive analysis tools, analytics tools, testing tools, various search platforms
Search engine optimization
the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a web site by ranking high in the search results of a search engine
anchor text
the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. typically used to indicate subject matter
meta tag
text inserted into the source code of a web page that includes keywords in order to provide information to a search engine about the contents of the page for seo
title tage
meta tags within the header of an XHTML document that define the title of the page that will appear in the browser toolbar
SEO process
1. initial analysis
2. keyword research and analysis
3. competitor analysis
4. sitemap+RSS feed inclusion
5. search engine + directory submission
6. social book marking
7. blogs + press release creation
8. articles submission
9. link popularity
10. SERP report
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