Digital Marketing Final- MAR 3721

Building and maximizing your social media channel to connect with your target audience
Strengthen your brand
Generate Leads
Get more visibility online
Comment with your audience
What does SMO allow you to do?
Optimizes your website for search engines (search ranking)
What is the SEO Process?
Increase tragic via search engines
What is the SEO goals?
Select and use keywords, backhanded coding, add meta description, alt tags, headers
What is the SEO method?
They are seen over the long term
What is the SEO results?
Sharing content off site ( outside website, social media)
What is the SMO process?
Increase brand recognition and popularity, use social media to get people to your website
What is the SMO goals?
To create quality content and spread it through social media channels
What is the SMO method?
Short intervals of success
What is the SMO results?
Social Media, video, blogging , RSS feeds, Social News
SMO includes:
Creat a Hashtag, photo sharing, blogs, video clips, comment on linkers website
Strategies for SMO
reaches more people at the same time, and is more cost effective when using digital b/c it is easier to find you target group and aid to them. ( Block ad, Skyscraper)
Online advertising
Helps you to put advertising in different places, you pay people to put advertisements on their website (paying $)
You get paid when ads are put on to your youtube video (earning $)
Online advertising where you re paid each time someone clicks on your ad, ranges from a few cents to $50 per click
PPC you pay for their spot on top of search engine VS SERP achieved spot organically
Difference between PPC and SERP
Earned Media- Mentions, shares, reposts, reviews
Owned Media- website, mobile site, blog sit, social media channels
Paid Media- PPC, display Ads, Social media Ads
Digital Marketing Trifecta
Strategy approach of creating and distributing valuable data relevant to target audience
Content Marketing
Free and organic traffic using the search engines
What is SEO?
Phrases with less than 2 words
Short tail key words
Phrases with 3+ words
Long tail key words
Long tail; because customers are typing more specific on the search engines
Which tail key words should we use?
Use keywords, meta tags (description of website), title tags
How to optimize your content?
Specific for images
Alt Tags?
creating the file name and link using a keywords and meta tags; writing a small paragraph about the video
How did you optimize your video?
Producing engaging content, enough content and budget to produce content
Content Marketing challenges?
A tool to build credibility
Main purpose of social media?
(human to human) developing 1-1 connection
Social Media vs. Ads
google+ you can create specific group circles while Facebook you cannot
Google+ vs. Facebook
contains media, keep it short & meaningful
Having to take consumers perspective and see what they want. You have to match both people objectives. It has to show its purpose
As markets what is the goal of creating a website?
static normal website you use VS a website with a moving background and foreground
Traditional vs Parallax design
its gives a more interactive experience to consumer
What does a Parallax design give consumers?
Website has to accustom to screen size to be responsive
Responsive vs. Non Responsive
The first part of website without scrolling, has all important information
above the fold
To meet your goals
Why do you measure web analytics?
Business Objectives
Marketing objectives
Channel objectives- need KPI’s for each one
What kind of hierarchy do you need for a marketing plan?
Metrics that help you understand how you are doing against your objectives
What is KPI?
Use analytics and heat mapping together
When using heat mapping you need to?
Offline method using Heat mapping is?
mouse click type heat map
Online method using Heat mapping is?
When someone has shown some type of interest towards your product or service
What is lead?
Pop-ups, free trial
Lead generation examples
The process of attracting and converting stranger and prospects into those leads
What is Lead Generation?
Attract— Convert—- Close—-Delight
Lead Generation Journey
Free, how you get online media placement by influencing a media producer
What is digital PR?
Feature stories( not detailed stuff) , expert opinion( talking about trends…), helpful content( top 5, tips)
Types of PR
It give you brand recognition, establishes credibility, give more information
Why PR?
In a pitch you are not selling your product, you tell your story and you plug your product to your story
What are you doing when you pitch?
Find a blogger to talk about your product ( have to give samples and money sometimes)
Blogger outreach?
press release is new worthy items (goes to news) VS a suggested story (goes to journalists )
Press release VS pitch
Request person (journalist) to write about your story
Its ease of use, speed and frequency
Benefits of email marketing
Decide your campaign objectives
Chose email marketing service provider
Must have a list of people you want to target
Know the law
How do you create an email campaign?
user generated content ( what people say ) must monitor
Digital reviews
Marketing effort is focused on a certain geographic area
Hyper local Marketing
Immediate, can send Relevant info, cost efficient
Advantages of Hyper local Marketing
Is easier and effective when creating an online event (eventbrite)
Event promotion
under 30 secs: too short
30 secs-1 min: better be really good
1-1:30 min: too long
How long can a video or commercial be?
Key words, File name, tags, title the name of your video
How do you optimize your videos?
Marketing effort has to be?
Develop, maintain and repair
Three steps in reputation management
Coordination of communication channel to deliver a clear, consistent message to achieve marketing goal
What is integrated marketing communication
Lack of planning, Teams working in silos, competing agencies with own agendas ( better to have one team running then to have a competition)
Barriers for Digital Media Integration
Brand communication( has to be static)
Campaign ideas
When thinking about a campaign you need to follow what steps?
To identify the heart of their communication EX: coke= open happiness
What does a good brand need?

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