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Internet revolution presently brought the whole world on to our fingertips. This revolutionized telephone system with their first digital hellos. The experts studied the communication networks found in the 80’s an unforeseen rise of local-area networks, an unregulated, unmonitored, unregulated phenomenon of the upstart PC industry that would soon shake the telecom world. At this moment it is not wires but the air between them that is being transformed. The wireless technology infused the potentiality to totally change the plan providing wings without licenses, permission, or even fees.

The technology is termed as Wi-Fi. This seemed to be the first blast in a revolution. The standard becomes alluring as a result of its features like cheap, powerful and because it works. It is cheaper and also compact.

The laptops have in build Wi-Fi. This made the wires to be used for power alone. (Anderson, 2003) However, it is quite a different approach to the airwaves that could cater to a new regime of wireless policy. Wi-Fi is a taken to be a mode to apply the handful of frequencies kept isolated for unregulated use by the customers.Wi-Fi is digital and sufficiently smart to avoid congestion.

Along with the century of regulations that assumed severe wireless technologies to be flexible and in requirement of the safeguard by monopolies on specific frequencies, Wi-Fi is completely capable of safeguarding itself. It has become a interesting item among the masses and considered a glimpse of the future of Internet. Similar to the Web, it is open, unrestricted and completely free. Anybody can be free for deploying it, and millions are doing the same.This is quite surprising to note this in relation to the fact when the big cellular companies paid dearly for transmission rights about a few years ago. (Anderson, 2003) The US firms were concentrated on taking the advantage from their European rivals; those were trying to be embarked upon with the potentialities of next generation technologies names 3G networks.

Such technologies aimed at providing the multimedia on new generation. Consumers gradually convinced of the fact that there is a mode of accessing Internet through wireless that need no phone companies.With the advent of Wi-Fi, the cheap packages initiated witnessing on the shelves of Wal Mart and Best Buy and they sold in quite prominent numbers, minimum of 12 million units annually. The remarkable feature of Wi-Fi is that it is a genuine grass-root level criterion dominating in home even quicker than in offices. Companies are quiet skeptical of the security implications of a network that travels through the walls and into the street. (Anderson, 2003) However, most of the home users are too prominent to care.

With a low price the Internet is now available every where and at tremendous speed.It now facilitates stream video from couch, surf in bed, email in the backyard and all at the lightning speed. It is just the initiation. We have begun to visualize the next phase of the Wi-Fi movement: the growth of public networks. All over the nation, it has already established thousands and thousands of open-access hot spots everywhere from Starbucks and airports to city parks.

The adjoining apartment residents resorted to Wi-Fi to share a broadband connection. With continuous decrease in prices for Wi-Fi equipment, it has become increasingly crowded.In the coming years the Wi-Fi has become a universal standard. The PC of recent version has become a hub of wireless network. By 2006 it was estimated by Garner to have about 99 million people. All such lead to a reversing of the normal adoption cycle, where the big nations must form communication infrastructure to promote consumers so as to adopt the new technologies.

Wi-Fi is naturally unique for its inherent characteristics. (Anderson, 2003) However, Wi-Fi needs several reforms. It has to be made to work everywhere.Several companies are required to work on key principles, cards, and pendants that will indicate the presence of Wi-Fi signals. Wi-Fi is required to be more like the Internet cafe experience, where it is seek out access.

Moreover, it is required to be strived for unwiring the living room. Digital media like MP3 to DVD is being revolutionized the home environment. However, they were initially mostly analog. Wi-Fi can be adopted to break this barrier and become the common link that ties together music, video, and even phones within the home premises.

All the consumer electronics initiated to be completed with wireless networking built in. The requirement will accelerate for want of the broadband connections. Presently, acquiring broadband at home is an uninspiring choice between the phone company and the cable company. Last but not the least, after spreading over home and nearby and sufficient public places, wireless convergence is adopted with Wi-Fi technologies. The consumers adopt cell phones outside the home, cordless phone within the campus and a Wi-Fi network for data. (Anderson, 2003)

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