Digital and Social Media Marketing

Four levels of permission when sending emails – what is opt-out?
automatically put on a mailing list with the option to be taken out.
Four levels of permission when sending emails – what is opt- in?
Given the option to receive emails – eg. mailing list, newsletter
Four levels of permission when sending emails – what is confirmed opt-in
a confirmation email is sent after sign up that contains a link to unsubcribe from the list if needed.
Four levels of permission when sending emails – what is double opt-in?
Someone signs up to your mailing list. You send confirmation email with a link they must click before theyre added to the list. Advantage of this is that people actually want to hear from you!
Steps to developing a metrics program?
1.collection of data
2. processing of data into information
3. developing KPI’s
4. formulate online strategy
What are the advantages of SEO?
– used mostly by consumers
– organic search is free
– people are actually looking for your prodcut/service
– good chance of conversion
– credibility is greater
– long term results
– many influencers
– helps with business growth and online presence/visibility
What are the disadvantages of SEO?
– Takes time
– no guarantee of results
What are the advantages of PPC?
– you can set a budget
– target specific and key words – visitors are highly targetable
– faster results than SEO
– ability to target regions
– results are easily measurable
Disadvantages of PPC?
– bidding wars can occur, making it costly war for top spot.
– charges for each click – also costly
– is a gamble for the money – no guarantee visitors will purchase.
– not targeting your market specifically, like SEO.
Benefits of creating virtual communities?
how can these communities be used in relationship marketing?
online communities can be any number of online interactions – a twitter following, discussion on Linkedin or an active blog.

some benefits include – the ability to answer questions, increased content reach, increased customer interaction, brand loyalty, reviews and feedback.
online reviews are also proven to be as trusted as personal recommendations.

Can be used to answer question, and give advice on product/service, to deliver fresh content

What are the four steps to developing a social media marketing strategy?
1. listening – tools – free tools for listening, reputation monitoring and as a part of paid platforms.
2. communication – is 2 way not one.
3. engage – sharing, collaboration, sharing important in disseminating content.
4. collaborate – tools for collaboration – twitter, blogs, any platform where conversation can take place.
How have customer expectations been raised?
some key elements and where expectation is high?
Consumers want:
1. performance
2. reliability
3. speed
4. convenience
Aspects of high quality content websites?
1. usability
2. appearance
3. content
4. SEO
What is customer focused relationship marketing?
elements of CRM
strategy, operations, analytics
What are elements of being customer centric?
customer focus
retaining customers
customer profitability
test, measure, refine
What are the elements of being product focused?
product focus
acquiring customers
product profitability
trial and error
What is Traditional transactional marketing?
business strategy that focuses on single ‘point of sale’
emphasis on maximising volume of individual sales rather than developing relationship with buyer.
the seven stages of the website development process:

What is establishing the sites objectives?

where do website objectives come from
what are the criteria for good objectives?
branding vs sales objectives
the seven stages of the website development process:

identify and describe target market?

who is your target market?
how do you get information about them
what would they like
the seven stages of the website development process:

design site content and navigation?

golden triangle in web design
the seven stages of the website development process:

Conduct usability test?

usability tests – forrester criteria
4 key dimensions:
value, presentation, navigation, trust
the seven stages of the website development process:

Deployment and tuning?

upload to server host
balance load
monitor site performance
the seven stages of the website development process:

measure and evaluate site effectiveness?

technical task vs marketing task
the seven stages of the website development process:

define and improve/relaunch when needed?

redesign for consumers – eg. usability, emphasis on customer service etc.
What are the three basic direct response strategies?
retention and customer value growth
What does a bounce rate of 73.44% mean?
means that 73.44% of people who came to the sight left after viewing that page
What is bounce rate?
is the percentage of visitors who have accessed the website, loaded only one page and then left.
Is a low or high bounce rate better for a page?
A high bounce rate is not always a bad thing. can mean that visitors found what they were looking for an left.

a high bounce rate however, is alarming for websites that depend on visitor interaction and engagement – depends on the website/industry.

What is the consumer brand relationship?
brands use 4 channels to develop consumer relationsip
1. search

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