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After traveling through and being asked to respond to the undermentioned statement. “Students who dine entirely with members of their ain cultural group and take part in cultural pupil organisations and activities contribute to a diminution of cultural dealingss on campus. ” I have come to recognize that as any other statements there’s ever two sides and a batch more to see before coming to a consent as a whole. In my sentiment this is really of import and should ever see both sides of the narrative Many types of these cultural group’s actions could do it easy and lead to a diminution of cultural dealingss on campus.

For case. let’s say if cultural pupils did everything together as a whole and merely participated in cultural pupil activities. so it would clearly segregate the campus. Unfortunately no a yearss. this universe for the most portion is over the whole “whites and inkinesss racial dividedness” and no 1 should be seeking to head back on that way. Now. campus cafeterias could demo a mark of being like that once more with several different cultural groups scattered about. If each cultural group had its single organisation. I fell that the members could acquire highly self-satisfied and get down to feel a feeling of high quality.

This finally could take to conflict with other cultural groups throughout the campus. It is really besides of import to look at how other pupils will see these cultural groups. Other pupils may non like these groups. which one time once more could do struggle. Another scenario. pupils may experience threatened by these groups. hence doing them non desire to go to category or socialise around campus. There could besides be a opportunity that these cultural groups could seek to convey down a disliked professor or even another group.

Universities un-affiliated with a faith may cover with groups with strong spiritual beliefs and could seek to implement their faith into the university. Even schools that are represented by a faith are in danger of an cultural group with other strong spiritual beliefs. With all of these jobs with cultural groups. could rapidly multiply as they besides act as networking groups to acquire more pupils who portion the same background and beliefs to go to the school.

Even alumnuss could transport this on to their hereafter employers. although experts claim that no web group has of all time set out to convey a company down. companies are the following things for college pupils and convey the hazard of holding their employees become far excessively separate from each other. The whole thought of diverseness in a company is to do the work topographic point and as uniformly supportive to all cultural backgrounds. By leting these groups to organize. the companies are traveling farther off from purportedly a just and diverse population of workers. The segregation of cultural groups from the remainder of the pupil organic structure mostly contributes to a diminution of cultural dealingss on campus.

If I were to see the other side of this and differ. I would believe that if pupils of the same cultural background merely dined and participated in cultural pupil activities. so it would non lend to a diminution of cultural dealingss on campus. Alternatively. it would hold pupils who tend to remain surrounded by people of the same cultural background could experience more free. comfy and accepted ; therefore conveying betterments taking to higher classs in the schoolroom and a more low attitude towards life. Besides being placed within a group will most likely encourage pupils to travel out socialize. take portion in campus activities. and bask campus life.

This will take to them interacting with people from different backgrounds. These cultural groups can besides play a critical function in campus activity by hosting fundraisers. parties. or featuring events. Another benefit to being portion of an cultural group is that many voices are better than one. So by holding your voice heard out at that place will assist set an terminal to any favoritism that was go oning and will beef up the campus’ cultural dealingss. Future pupils looking to go to the school in the old ages to come may see the campus and see a group of people who portion the same ethnicity or involvement as themselves and tempt them to come to that university.

These groups working as a signifier of networking could be a monolithic tool in pulling a diverse pupil organic structure while at the same clip beef uping cultural relationships. Having been asked to back up the statement or disagree. I would hold to state that I agree with the statement. In order to be diverse. the pupil organic structure as a whole it needs to be integrated at all times. It is one thing to populate and be portion of a group with people who portion the same background ; nevertheless. they should besides be with people of other ethnicities and backgrounds.

One group merely interacting with themselves and non admiting other groups signifiers hapless cultural dealingss wonts. I besides feel that most cultural groups will show a faith that will stir up contention with other groups for one ground or another. By utilizing the groups as a manner to carry new pupils to go to the school. the groups will rapidly turn and perchance do even more struggle to the university. Cultural groups will convey nil more than hapless cultural dealingss wonts to campus and future alumnuss workplaces doing merely a diminution in cultural dealingss.

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