Different concepts of health

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The word holistic comes from the world whole. This means you focus your whole body on the approach of taking into consideration the whole body and environment when offering treatment. Sometimes called the Eastern approach. For example if you get a cold your physical health is affected. The reason you may have caught the cold is because of your emotional state for example you might had a reason loss in your family and your immune system may be low and you have a more likely chance to get a cold when your immune systems is low .

PIES (physical intellectual emotional and social) all impact on this because if your physically ill your immune system is low and you feel like your depressed and you can’t be social because you can not give your friends your illnesses . The holistic approach also believes that one person life is affected by another’s for example if somebody’s husband has a stroke and they end up with a disability this would then affect his whole family . There routine would have to change to cater for his needs.

This concept also looks at the mind and the spirit as well as the body. People believe that

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the body has an energy that can protect them from illness. People who believe in this would use alternative medication that is not prescribed by a doctor for example they might use acupuncture or reflexology this can cure stress high blood pressure and anxiety . They also use some herbal medicine widely know as Chinese medicine this can can cure many illness from stress to male patterned baldness Health as an absence of illness

This is a negative way of looking at health . This is were if a person does not have any aches or pains but sometimes this is not case they just do not want to go to the doctors. For example if somebody’s feeling relay tired in the morning every day and they just say it cause I had a long day at work or that I was up till early hours of the morning finishing some work but this might not be the cause it might be the early sings of diabetes or thyroid problems which left untreated can lead to further health problems .

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