DHN Chapter 10: Food Safety Management Systems

Public health interventions published by the FDA are designed to protect
the public’s health.
What is a way the manager can demonstrate that he or she knows how to keep food safe?
Becoming certified in food safety
How can a manager take another restaurant’s HACCP plan and apply it to their operation?
Each HACCP plan is unique so what works for one operation may not work for another.
What is the first HACCP principle?
Conduct a hazard analysis.
The size of the crisis management team typically depends on the size of the
Whose telephone number should be included on the emergency contact list for crisis management?
Company media spokesperson
How should a manager respond when a customer calls to report a foodborne illness?
Fill out a foodborne-illness incident report.
How should the manager behave when being questioned by the media before all the facts about a foodborne illness outbreak are known?
Admit that all information is not yet in, but will be shared when it is.
An imminent health hazard is defined as one that carries a significant threat or danger to
What is the greatest threat from a power outage?
Inability to maintain food temperatures
What is the manager expected to do when using the active managerial control system?
Take necessary corrective action if rules are not being followed in the kitchen
What is the focus of active managerial control?
Anticipating and planning for potential risks of foodborne illnesses.
What is the primary focus of the FDA’s public health interventions?
Controlling the common risk factors for foodborne illness to prevent outbreaks
Consumer advisories about raw or undercooked menu items must include a statement about
what the risks of eating these food items are.
Which is not a HACCP principle?
Establish training procedures.
An effective HACCP plan must be based on
written plans.
A crisis-communication plan should include
a sample press release to be tailored to each incident.
What does a manager need to know to be effective in the management of a crisis?
Each crisis management plan needs to be customized to the specific operation.
During a crisis response, it is essential to
cooperate with the regulatory authority to resolve the crisis.
What step should be included in the recovery portion of a crisis-management plan?
Review food-handling procedures for errors.
Which type of imminent health hazard poses the greatest risk of pathogen growth?
Power outage
Whose job is it to ultimately control risk factors for foodborne illnesses in an operation?

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