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Every society is dependent on people that comprise of both work forces and adult females who are responsible for every activity that is done by them ; without people society has no being. In the nineteenth century, sociologists started analyzing relationships between society and people ‘ interaction with it ; it is studied under separate subject known as “ Sociology ” . In other words, sociology is both scientific and systematic survey of behaviours of human, society and societal groups ; sociologists are continuously endeavoring to analyze the forces which are structural and institutional to find their impact on people ‘s behaviours, lives, societal values along with creative activity of socially defined constructions and establishments ( Bau, 2009 ) .

Sociology is described both as a subject and a pattern that requires assorted efforts by sociologists to go to this field ; they have to analyze people ‘s activities to observe what they are making on day-to-day footing. It has been justly stated by a Grecian philosopher, cited by Dunn ( 2010 ) that sociology is a scientific discipline that has accumulated every facet of homo ‘s life ; assorted aspects of human interactions have emerged into different topics or subjects and that is why sociology is considered as the rudimentss of all societal scientific disciplines. Harmonizing to UNESCO ( 2010 ) , people prefer to piece so that they can organize households, folks, groups, organisations, states and communities which can even travel beyond boundaries at national degree.

As people decide to organize groups, they have to do assorted witting and unmindful picks sing forfeits for their freedom on single degree ; at same clip, assorted societal benefits can be deduced during this procedure. The mutuality between single and society is the chief country of focal point for every sociologist and they have been seeking to analyze the relationship among people which is known as “ societal imaginativeness ” ; it is a head ‘s quality which develops an understanding about people in larger society ‘s context ( Anderson, 2006 ) .

Development of Sociology and ideological point of views in Sociology

As a consequence of altering societal clime, many developments took topographic point in field of sociology ; some jobs were observed in world-wide industrialisation, in-migration, urbanisation and alterations in rational clime and they initiated the demand of happening accounts that were impacting societal, economic and political sectors in United States and Europe ( Dholokia & A ; Wilcox, 2010 ) .

The word ‘sociology ‘ was coined by a Gallic philosopher “ Auguste Comte ” in 1839 who is recognized worldwide as male parent of sociology. The term “ Sociology ” is fundamentally combination of Latin word ‘Socius ‘ which means ‘society ‘ with Grecian work ‘Logus ‘ which means ‘knowledge ‘ or ‘science ‘ ( Dunn, 2010 ) . Harmonizing to Auguste Comte, sociology is defined as ‘science of society ‘ ; it is the survey of societies, groups and societal life of worlds and it is a subject that focuses on understanding human behaviour as portion of societal life. Comte focused on positivism which emphasizes on analysing society by utilizing methods such as experimentation, historical rating, observation and comparing. His major part is designation of two major countries of sociology, societal statics and societal kineticss ; societal statics focus on stable elements such as societal construction that can be easy found in societies, while, societal kineticss focus on alterations that happen on societal degree. Both of these factors contributed in development of structural functionalist position ( Bau, 2009 ) .

Harriet Martineau contributed to sociology by presenting first and thorough sociological pact on societal life of American people and did comparing among societal stratifications of America and Europe by the name “ Society in America ” . Her major part is interlingual rendition of Comte ‘s Introduction to Positive Philosophy in English linguistic communication ; she even realized the demand of stoping inequality that existed between adult females and black people. Likewise, Herbert Spencer introduced the thought of development which was introduced before Darwin coined the phrase ‘phrase of the fittest ‘ ; his doctrine is referred to as Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is based on the construct that societies get evolved like populating beings that evolve with clip while acquiring adapted to environment that is altering at an speed uping rate.

Emile Durkheim did a batch of work in field of sociology by set uping it as a critical portion of academic subject. Harmonizing to the sociologist, there are a batch of societal bonds that exist among assorted societies which are classified as mechanical solidarity and societal solidarity. Durkheim believed that pre-modern and agricultural societies are held together by the mechanical solidarity which is a signifier of societal bond that ensures that beliefs and traditions shared by a group have a sense of societal coherence. On the other manus, societies that are industrial 1s are held together in the signifier of organic solidarity which is a societal bond that is based on division of labour which creates mutuality and rights for persons ( Bau, 2009 ) .

A German philosopher Karl Marx made major part in sociology by working on struggle theory ; he lived during Industrial Revolution epoch when social alterations were taking topographic point at an increasing rate and construct of capitalist economy emerged from his work which is the economic system that formed footing of private organisations and sector. Marx had a point of view that capitalist economy was doing category struggle and societal inequality in between middle class who were the proprietors of factors of production ( land, natural resources, money and mills ) and labor who were the workers. His work besides gave foundation to functionalist position of sociology. Max Weber contributed to field of sociology by analyzing the displacement from traditional society into modern industrial society. Weber emphasized on rationalisation procedure by analyzing application of economic logic to every activity of homo as a consequence of the development of bureaucratic society ( Dholakia & A ; Wilcox, 2010 ) .

Theoretical positions in sociology

In sociology field, there are three major theoretical positions in which all theories are classified that are Structural Functionalism Perspective, Conflict Perspective and Symbolic Interactionism Perspective. Harmonizing to Structural Functionalism Perspective, society is viewed as a societal system that comprises of interdependent parts and all of these elements have to carry through critical maps to heighten effectual operation. The beginning of this position can be traced back to plants contributed by Comte, Durkheim and Spencer. Harmonizing to Dunn ( 2010 ) , society is composed of a system that has interrelated parts or constructions that are fundamentally large-scale establishments which form society like household, political relations, instruction and economic system ; each of these assorted parts have to run into society ‘s demands and when they work together they create a whole system in the signifier of society.

The construct of struggle theory emerged from the plants of Marx who emphasized that societal alteration and society are the footing of societal struggle. Marx viewed society with mercenary point of view in which people try to keep their position quo and in order to retain the same position, struggles arise between people. Harmonizing to struggle theory, struggle arises when there is disparity in resources both stuff such as wealth and belongings and immaterial such as political orientation, power and individuality of groups. All theories falling in this position have macro-oriented position and they emphasize on the construction of society that how it is originated and maps ; construction of society is chiefly controlled by cultural, societal and economic assets. Capital is the chief component in struggle theory that enables people to acquire places of power in both private and public sectors in which constructions are created which disseminate their involvement and power ( Bau, 2009 ) .

The most modern position that is determining the field of sociology these yearss is Symbolic Interactionism Perspective ( Dunn, 2010 ) . Harmonizing to this theory, society is similar to a phase where people are the 1s who define and redefine their readings as they do interaction with one another. The theoreticians of Symbolic Interactionism perspective position interaction and reading or significance as foundation of society ; it is assumed that significances are created by interaction and they are non built-in. This position has proven to be extremely outstanding position of twenty-first century ( Bau, 2009 ) .

It is a belief that Symbolic Interactionism is a procedure in which things are constructed by people as human existences behave towards constructs, values and thoughts on their footing of intending which things have for them, all these significances are consequences of interaction that take topographic point in society and they can be filtered and revamped via a procedure that is interpretative which is used by each person to cover with marks of outward degree ( UNESCO, 2010 ) .

Issue of diverseness

As a consequence of globalisation, mobility has increased which has created an environment in which people from assorted civilizations, faiths, nationalities, cultural backgrounds and races are organizing portion of society ; such diverse civilization is raising demand of creative activity of society in which everyone is given equal and just intervention. There are many sociological researches that have indicated that every American is admiting diverseness importance and well-known constructs are equivocal that reflect more on political rightness instead than understanding the being of diverseness ( Bau, 2009 ) . It is of import for people to recognize that societal issues can non be viewed entirely by concentrating on simple footings such as good or evil, white or black and right or incorrect ; diversity issue can be tackled merely by understanding values, point of views, beliefs and life styles of people who have different cultural backgrounds, nationalities, races, faiths and civilizations.

In order to understand diverseness that exists in society, research should concentrate to do a sample that comprise of people of both sexes, complete scope of functions of each gender, broad assortment of groups such as cultural and racial, diverse scope of physical and mental abilities, assorted sexual orientations and many representatives from assorted political, cultural, spiritual and national associations along with societal categories ( Dholakia & A ; Wilcox, 2010 ) . Therefore, sociologists are taking involvement in assorted variables like age, sex, societal category, race and other societal features such as interaction on societal degree and society construction in which people are populating. Hence, societal diverseness is being studied by many sociologists so that assorted facets of societal life can be questioned which is the rudimentss of sociological thought.

Impact of media on public attitudes

Harmonizing to all three positions of sociology i.e. Structural Functionalist, Conflict and Symbolic Interactionism, media has impacted the manner in which people view groups belonging to specific race, nationality and faith ; it has high power in act uponing people ‘s perceptual experiences about assorted groups. Media has both benefits and drawbacks that have affected people ‘s attitudes towards diverse groups. With the aid of assorted communicating tools such as Television, Internet, Newspapers, Magazines, Conferences and likewise, assorted critical issues can be heightened such as natural catastrophes, instability in society and war. As a consequence of assorted media activities, passiveness has been encouraged, pigeonholing is promoted, people are provided bogus and inaccurate information, physical activity has been discouraged and critical thought accomplishments have been affected to a considerable extent ( Dunn, 2010 ) .

For case, when 9/11 incident took topographic point, Muslims were condemned worldwide and it was imposed by media that every Muslim should ne’er be trusted and a stereotype was created about Muslims ; this image was wrongly portrayed by assorted mediums of communicating. However, when people protested about inequality between work forces and adult females and black and white people, the authorities took necessary stairss by go throughing a jurisprudence that there should be no favoritism on the footing of race, colour, age, life style, cultural background, faith and nationality. Therefore, it can justly said that media has power of act uponing forms of people ‘s believing mechanism and even their attitudes towards assorted diverse people ( Bau, 2009 ) .

Subtle cues impacting Individual ‘s believing about societal constructions and forms

The sociologists have justly pointed out that media plays an increasing function in making societal constructions and spiels that are preferred by powerful people of the society. Harmonizing to Symbolic Interactionism position, media has the ability of specifying state of affairs in shortest possible clip ; some of the most effectual tools are movies, pictures, advertizements and postings that have been used to make images about certain groups of society. All tools of communicating create elusive cues that tend to impact their thought about constructions and forms of society. For case, when postings related to some cultural group are posted to foreground their function in society, they will make certain images in heads of people which form elusive cues.

Hence, in these yearss, assorted communicating tools are being used in media to make consciousness in the market ; politicians even stage assorted media events so that they can make popularity of assorted of import docket and promote callings. Every militant organisation and societal motion organisation has a web site so that it can organize images in people ‘s heads and promotes its mission and primary concern aims. Therefore, movies and reviews even communicate information both existent and open that impact social attitudes, forms and constructions. Peoples get influenced by movies and seek to implement the things learnt from such pictures in their existent lives ; it is critical for them to do certain that they accept right messages and implement those cultural facets that will impact their civilization. Therefore, media has played an of import function in determining social forms, constructions and civilization.

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