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Credible, Collaborative, Driven to Deliver, Courage to Challenge and Role Model. The CUPID HRS Profession map was launched in 2009 and is a document that is made by HRS Professionals for HRS Professionals. It describes the standards for a HRS Professional In order for people to benchmark themselves. Colleagues and or organizations. It is written in a way that is versatile and can be adapted to the smallest family run company to a global organization. It lists the 8 key behaviors (shown above), the 4 bands of competence from administration to operating head/ leadership and the 10 professional areas of HRS which are; .

Insights, Strategy and Solutions Leading HRS 2. 3. Organization Design Organization Development 4. Resource and Talent Planning 5. Learning and Talent Development 6. Performance and Reward 7. Employee Engagement Employee Relations 9. 10. Service, Delivery and Information The professional area of Performance and Reward ensures that colleagues a rewarded for performance by running competitive but cost effective scheme’s helping colleague engagement. These could include commission schemes, salary sacrifice schemes, colleague offers, long service awards and many more.

The professional area of Employee Relations ensures that the relationship between all colleagues (including management) are run effectively by keeping company policies up-to-date, advising and guiding managers and making sure all relevant legislation Is rolled out through the business. The professional area of Learning and Development ensures that all colleagues 1 OFF help them do the tasks at hand to help the business. They also ensure that all colleagues are kept up-to-date with legislation that certain departments need for example, Data Protection, Workstation Safety, Sales of Goods Act and many more.

They could be in a training format or an e-learning module. No matter which professional area you work in it is essential that you possess one or more of the aforementioned behaviors. For example, a curious professional would seek out new ways/ideas to help the business. A professional would need to be Personally Credible on order for them to gain the respect from all other colleagues/ managers in order to be taken seriously. The professional would also need to be a Role Model and lead by example and remain completely impartial whilst looking out for the company and the colleagues’ best interests.

The behaviors described are just a few out of the 8 mentioned in the CUPID HRS Profession Map but each as important as the other. It is also important to not stay stagnant. Within the HRS profession there is always change and is constantly moving with new legislation etc. This is why it is important to have a CUP (Continuous Professional Development). This means that you are always learning and striving to achieve more to ensure you are always at your full potential. The CUP is now recognized by companies around the world and is a way of showing future employers that you are serious about your career.

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