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I work for Gestate Talent Ltd, a company that specializes In the design, development and manufacture of body parts and chassis for the global automotive industry. We supply some of the biggest names in the industry, Bentley, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Propose and Toyota to name butt few. I am currently covering a Zone Leader role, with a team of 10, and I report directly to the Shift and Production Managers.

As Zone Leader, I have to fulfill many different roles throughout the day, including oscillator, disciplinarian, locator, motivator, counselor, organizer, parent, trainer, problem solver, safety advisor, morale booster, confidant, umpire, babysitter and the first port of call for all, to name but a few. The zone I am responsible for manufactures body parts for the Toyota and I work alongside my team to ensure we supply our customer with the correct quantity and quality of parts to meet their demand.

I have to allocate the work effectively and fairly amongst the team, to set standards ND provide adequate training to develop individuals to be efficient and effective. I also have to communicate clearly and give direction so that we are all working to target and to meet the current objectives. I also feel that I should give praise and recognition when deserved as this helps to build a mutual respect with team members and helps them to feel supported and appreciated.

Another responsibility is to be motivational, to keep the team upbeat and on task. Furthermore, the role of Zone Leader requires you to be honest and rusticity and your team expect you to be decisive and approachable yet flexible and open to their suggestions and Ideas. Although the role of Zone Leader has many responsibilities it has limited authority, and restricts what you can do and say. Although the role expects you to maintain discipline within your team, this Is largely done by your own personality and guidance.

For example, I am responsible for conducting “Return to Work” interviews following periods of absence, but if this becomes a regular occurrence and the levels of absence become problematic, I can only refer this to the HRS Department and pass it on to them to deal with, to initiate the disciplinary action or issue warnings as they see fit. Colleagues to help identify my own strengths and weaknesses. The feedback I received gave lots of positives and identified my strengths, but it identified one specific area of weakness. The feedback confirmed that I tend to own problems and make it my personal mission to solve them.

The feedback suggested that I could delegate some problem solving activities to other members of the team. This feedback surprised me as I always thought that I shared problems and sought help from relevant parties in doing so. I will strengthen this weakness by involving others in the future problem solving exercises that I encounter, seeking feedback, help and support in the problem solving process, making it a team effort. This will have the added benefit of team members to thinking more about the problems we encounter and how to complete a problem solving process, up-killing them at the same time.

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