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When it comes to a motivation plan for any typical educational facility it is highly essential, any achievement of typical school institute. Teachers and students that have no motivation will never strive to be successful. So many factors come into play and become combined to a motivational plan so It will be able to meet the needs of teachers and students. Teachers need to be able to help students reach their goals and make sure that they set goals that are reachable. According to Hershey (2008), ”

Goals should be set high enough that a person has to stretch to reach them but low enough that they can be attained . ” The benefit of setting goals is that those goals are touchable; students need to know that they are part of the motivational plan and that they are Included in that motivational plan as well. Students are the major component when It comes to any school setting that has a motivation plan In place. A major component of a motivational plan that I understand to be crucial to my school is communication and achieve the goal that we setting.

The current school I each at is missing these two components and its affects teachers and students. Without communication and achieving those goals, teachers and students Just don’t understand why they keep going. This creates such confusion and frustration when It comes to the meaning of education. Although many students are forces to work with one another to have achievement and to be motivated. Communication Is so essential when it comes to teachers, administrators, stakeholders and students.

Without communication within the school it’s impossible to set goals and achieve those goals. Teachers as well set goals for students but they need to keep in mind tot set them so incredibility out there that students can’t grab them. In many cases most goals are to high fetch have that adverse affect with student as well as teachers that It could do the Just the opposite when It comes motivate. It can only to create discouragement and teachers plus students to the point that they will allow up due to knowing that it’s not worth it.

Setting goals that are not feasible will not come remotely close to include motivation of students and give students the courage that they need to go on with their attempt in obtaining any other further goals. Once a dent knows that they can achieve a goal, something that is feasible and obtainable they will be greatly motivated to keep setting goals and cleaving them and It gives are altered, changed and revised so often that students regularly have something to work toward.

Once a student accomplishes a distinct goal, the motivation will only last a short time until they set another goal to obtain. Hershey (2008) also supports this idea by stating, ” Once the child becomes proficient in attaining a particular goal it becomes appropriate for the parent to provide an opportunity for the child to identify and set new goals. ” It’s highly critical that teachers and parents help students have goals and give them that extra push for to work towards. The second part of the motivation plan will be touchable rewards.

Students are more likely to work towards something and are extremely motivated if they know that they are going to get some type of reward. It’s like teachers the reward is knowing that our students are growing and learning. Once they achieve that award they have the sense of pride and gratification that stays with them for a long time and this motivates them to keep trying and working harder. Its no different than anyone one else in the world we all want to be reward for our hard work and that is what keeps everyone going .

Although studies have shown that extrinsic rewards are only beneficial short term and can be detrimental in long term situations. (Corpus& Wilson, 2001), I truly believe that any positive motivation results into something even greater that takes us higher and farther in life. An example of this is a present motivational strategy that is being used at my school regarding awards for good attendance, good grades, good behavior and good citizenship. Students get awards a people times throughout the semester for accomplishing these sections and truly believe that motivates students to keep with it.

I have seen this in effect that when a students gets a grade lower than a A they will try their best to raise it to be part of that reward system so that their parents will know and they get recognized in front of the school with an amazing reward . I have personally seen the motivation that is created by these awards and I plan to include this in my motivational plan as well. We also have awards that are also very successful when it comes to motivating and searchers do this all the times when it comes motivating students and they has nothing to do with rewards.

Students acknowledge praises, and accomplishments. ” There are, however, many intangible rewards, such as praise or power, that are Just as important and effective for use as incentives when endeavoring to evoke a particular behavior” ( Hershey 2008) To incorporate this into my plan I would like to see more praise for good behavior, as well as giving students more choices in the classroom . Finally, I would love to see community involvement and the community having that ensue of belonging to the school.

According to Glasses (1985), the five basic needs common to people are the need for belong, students will have more ownership over their behavior and will be more motivated to succeed. Vie seen a lot of bullying when it comes to school today and it shows that a students that is bullied and does not feel like they belong have no motivation to even try and even care about being successful. Within the school and goal setting. In the hopes that the above components will reach students and teachers to be motivated to be successful.

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