Designing Lessons for EFL Listening

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Maintaining the same topic and objective for consecutive activities With this principle, the teacher can maintain the same topic and objective that the class had throughout several activities in one lesson. This will enable the students to support their learning through repetition and continued association with a familiar topic. 3. Applying appropriate teaching methods and techniques This principle includes using a variety of activities and effective questioning sequences to make the lessons challenging, effective, and interesting to students.

Having a variety of activities motivates and challenges the students with something new, while asking questions to students develops their listening comprehension and tests their understanding of a particular grammatical structure. 4. Selecting materials for listening comprehension activities This principle follows criteria when selecting materials to make listening comprehension activities both productive and engaging.

It includes (l)relating the materials to the learner’s life and Eng-term learning goals, (2)focusing on a clear design and layout of materials which avoids having too many activities and giving clear instructions to prevent confusion, (3)emphasizing prediction in a worksheet to help students predict the type of language they will hear, and (4)selecting materials that are appropriate for students’ level to avoid the danger of overestimating their comprehension and abilities. . Using authentic materials This principle gives the learner the chance to develop skills that are needed In real- fife situations, and helps them become communicatively competent by exposing them to examples of how language Is actually used. This Is beneficial because the skills that are developed transfer beyond the classroom. Motivated during a listening comprehension activity.

With the use of these principles, teachers will be able to design an activity that will enhance the students’ listening comprehension skills to be able to participate effectively in class. These principles will lead to successful listening activities because they focus on the students’ needs ND interests. Focusing on the learning objectives makes it easier for the students to just take note on important information needed.

Having the same topic and objectives for a set of activities prevents confusion and frustration in learning a lesson. Applying appropriate teaching methods and techniques, selecting materials for listening comprehension activities, and using authentic materials meet the needs and interests of the students for these are concerned in having the full attention and concentration of the students in a certain activity.

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