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They help people get organized so that they know exactly what they should do and what Is going to happen. These are In paper format when taken to meetings, and can be distributed electronically. Minutes: These have details of what took place at a meeting. These can be printed off in paper for meetings and can be distributed electronically. Memos: Memos are used for informal communication with an organization and can be in either paper or electronic format. Spreadsheets: These can be used for various purposes, from statistical to analytical.

These are In electronic formats, can be managed in a same book or as different sheets according to needs. Data sheets: These sheets can be in either word or excel format. These can be used to collate particular data to be communicated within or out of organizations, or also to monitor statistics and performances. Analysis charts: These can be either graphs or diagrams that help to monitor performance statistics. These are also In electronic format and can be printed off In paper when required. Letters: These are documents used for deferent types of communications in all departments for various purposes.

There are various types of letters, formal, informal, business etc. Slide shows: These are Powering documents and are used for demonstration purposes In tenting. These are In electronic format and can be printed off If need be. When I save a document I can set the file name and where I want to store the file on my computer. I can change the file format as well. When changing the format, it is the design, the layout or the fonts that changes. It is a totally different format whereas the content remains the same. Each word processor has its own storage format.

Many text files use plain text (. Txt), Rich Text Format (. RTF) as well as Microsoft Word (. Doc) and now . Doc. RTF files can be read by every word processing package and here are a few editable ones which allow for certain fields which have text boxes that allow inputting data. PDF files can be converted to word and formatted and then converted back to PDF if necessary. But PDF are always used for finished documents that do not require further editing. If I am sending out documents out to others that do not require or should not be edited, it is best to send it out as PDF.

The documents that I produce are an image or representation of my company. So it automatically creates an impression on the reader about the standards of my company and how we value our customers. A good quality document also looks good on the reader’s eyes, and is easy to follow and read. Good quality documents attract customers and suppliers, thereby increasing the profit for my company. It helps with the improvement of various fields and increases creativity in what I do, which in turn will attract customers.

A neatly produced document will have step by step explanation or plan or statistics of what is asked for and will help identify, manage and monitor risks. These will in turn help my company to care and be responsible for our customers. Also, the quality of my documents is a reflection of me. Resources I might need to produce high quality and attractive documents are: For Production 1 . A high quality photocopier and photocopier user so that I get a neat and clear print 2. A high quality printer for quality print outs 3. Scanner, so that I am able to scan documents in their original form. . Computer to process and operate all the above machines 5. High quality software I. E. Microsoft Word for word processing 6. A capable or qualified typist to produce the document so that the document is prepared in the required format and layout 7. Probably a cover or binding for that neat and finished look For Quality . Pictures to make documents look attractive and friendlier 2. Legible Font for everyone to read without any difficulty 3. Decent Font Size so that it is readable by everyone 4. Simple Layout for the neat and agreeable look.

There are many ways I can use different resources to produce high quality and attractive documents; by using high quality papers, quality laser Jet printers and good editing software, a high quality and attractive document can be produced. There are different technologies available for inputting, formatting and editing text: * Computer with monitor, keyboard and mouse or a Laptop Printer, scanner * Word processing software A normal or standard way of inputting text into a computer (or in olden days was a typewriter) is through a keyboard. It can be a wireless or wired keyboard or a touch- pad depending on the device I am using.

With a keyboard, I press the specific key for each character that needs inputting and this is transferred on to the word processing software that is available, installed or being used on the device. Usually it is the Microsoft word application that is normally used for word processing in my as JEEP or PDF, depending on the needs. Also scanned documents can be converted to word and changes made, in some cases. There are software available to achieve this. Technology available for inputting text: Keyboards (and mouse) are for manual entry of text. Can be slow and/or error prone depending on skill of keyboard operator.

These are universally available and are usually supplied with a PC. Documents are scanned using a scanner and then can be converted to text using optical character recognition software. The accuracy of the conversion depends on the quality of the system. Original document needs to be very clear and in a suitable onto. Not all systems can cope with graphics on original. Technology available for formatting and editing text: The simplest text editor available is the notepad. It can only be used for basic editing. I cannot go for too many fashionable fonts or formats or insert characters.

This is basically used for editing and correction and it does not occupy too much space in memory as its size is too small compared to other word processors. When I need to go for fashionable styles and layouts, the best Word Processor to use will be Microsoft Word. It has a variety of built in features that allow for higher levels f editing, correction and text enhancement. It has innumerable choice of fonts, layouts, templates, functions, colors, etc available. Due to these advantages, the size of the file is relatively large when compared to notepad or word pad as all these formatting details are saved along with the characters.

Other software (spreadsheet, database applications) are used for sorting of text and other data. These are also used for statistical and analytical purposes. All documents; * are written too specific audience; * have a consistent message * should have information in the document that is easy to access, clear, accurate, ND readable; * Actually reach the intended audience. * Should reach the intended audience on time When I write documents or prepare documents, there always has to be a purpose.

There also has to be a certain layout or style for the document depending on the purpose, there will be deadlines too for the document. So all these aspects have to be taken into account and agreed with my manager. This will decide if the document will be an exact replica of what is required for the organization and will help me to create one with no errors and one that is consistent with the requirements of audience need to reach. So by planning well ahead, I finish preparing the document on time with minimal waste of time and errors. * How the document is to be presented * The information that is to be included. Who the document is for * How long the document can be * Purpose of the document * What formats will be necessary * Work out a rough draft * Choose the correct language (formal / informal) All the information needed to prepare the document should be stored safely with clear file names, a list or database of resources. How the finished document is presented and organized will depend on what the document is to be used for, the aroma and the content. So this must be agreed with my manager and updated regularly to make sure the finished product is fit for purpose.

Sub-headings are useful so that a particular point of information is easy to find. Text and non – text can be integrated easily with Microsoft Office Word. Microsoft office word enables me to insert pictures, graphs, clip art and wrap text around and it helps me to work around with its different features to get that consistent format. There are a variety of different features that can be used too. Also there are various other office applications that help with integrating and laying out text and non-text, for example excel and Powering, help with integrating text and non-text in spreadsheets and slides.

Whichever application is used, the formatting and other processes have to be done, bearing in mind how I need the output document to look like. Most word processors have spell checkers. So as I type anything into a computer it will constantly be spell checking it. Spell checkers are not totally accurate and also if I type a different word instead of the one required, spell checker will not identify it. You will need a dictionary. The spell checker will not have all the words, so I will always have to need to add new words when I need them in the dictionary.

Also words and names that I repeatedly use but not in the dictionary can be added to prevent spell checking them always. After spell check is complete, it is good to do a grammar check too although the grammar checkers are not that good and will not pick out all the grammatical errors. So it is best to read the document myself once or twice even after all these checks are done, and if I can, it is good to get it read by another experienced person, because I do not always see all the errors in my own Ritter document. Accuracy and correctness are checked as documents are an image of the organization and they have to be of a high standard.

It also helps the reader to easily understand what I am trying to explain or present. Important documents whether minor or major have to be stored securely and safely following my organizations policies and procedures. It can be either digital storage or physical storage depending on needs and taking into account its confidential nature. Digital storage can be my organization’s server, drive or flash drives which are all secure. Physical storage can be filing cabinets. Either way they are stored for future references and hence are important. One has to also abide by the Data Protection Act.

Files and records should be stored to comply with the regulations to ensure the Information must be securely stored so it can not be disclosed to third parties without the relative permissions. It is important because any data that is not secure can be spread all over the internet. Also I make sure I save my work and secure it properly. I also should always save the changes to the document, drawing or spread sheet I am working on as often as possible- in the event of a power cut or computer crash. Most businesses rely on electronic data these days and hence it is best to have a good backup solution.

Our organization does back up data every night to its server. The release of personal information can lead to serious consequences. There is probably no more important aspect of any business than data protection and confidentiality. It helps save the company, its values, and trust from customers. It’s important to meet deadlines because it saves time, money, and resources and we always want to be ahead of our competitors. The purpose and benefits of meeting deadlines are my company save on the financial things like cutting costs, and saves e precious time.

If deadlines aren’t met, the company spend more money on the work that is pending completion and it affects the overall turnover thereby affecting our budget drastically. Not meeting deadlines indirectly affects various other inter- related departments too. Examples can be the finance department, the payroll department and the accounts department, and for sure all other departments that are connected. It then affects the overall income or profit for the organization, which in turn will have an effect on employee salaries, pay rise and bonuses.

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