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Introduction to Information Security. November 5, 2014 using the table given the encryption strategy for Richmond Investments would go as follows. I will be using the privacy or confidentiality objective. The basic description for the privacy or confidentiality objective Is to keep Information secret from all person or persons, except those who are authorized to see It have access. In other words, no one without authorization will be able to gain access to sensitive company

Information or client Information, such as addresses, names, billing Information, credit card Information, and other personal Information. The security option needs to be Implemented on all networks In the company’s domain. The public key Infrastructure Is a set of hardware, software people polices and procedures needed to create, manage, distribute use store and revoke digital certificates. In this case will be using PKZIP cards, which will allow entrance Into the facility, It will also allow entrance Into specific areas of the bulging, allow employees to clock In and out and will allow for signing off and on of company computers.

All employees will be Issued a card with their name employee ID and photo on the face the card on the backside of the card will be company contact Information such as departmental phone numbers, etc. The Implementation of a company encryption strategy Is extremely Important to protect the company. The company’s clients and the overall day-to-day activities, the employees Involved themselves In to keep the company running.

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