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Project Our toy targets the age range between 18 months to three years old, combining cognitive obstacles along with challenging the child’s motor skills. The toy will consist of a set of five deferent containers that are designed to rest upside down, with one figurine of the buyer’s choosing, multiple figurines are available Including different animals, people, etc.

To play with the toy the child will need some assistance; this person will hide the figurine underneath one of the containers while the child Is cooking away, and then proceed to move the containers around to confuse the child further. Once the figurine Is hidden sufficiently the child can open their eyes or avert their attention back to the containers. The child then must take guesses as to which cup the figurine is hidden beneath.

By using simple and few plastic materials, our toy is safe for the age range it is indicated for. All pieces of the set are large enough that if a child had them in their mouth there would be no risk of choking but small enough that even a small child could manipulate and handle the items. The size and happen of the parts are very easy to keep clean and to sanitize, they are easy to wipe using cleaning supplies or even to use a disinfecting spray on to ensure healthy play time for the child.

This process helps the child learn the law of cause and effect, “all actions have consequences and produce specific results, as do all inactions”, by choosing the first cup and having no reward of finding the figurine the child learns to eliminate that cup from any further guesses. Choosing for the second time between the remaining four cups gives the child a 25% chance to choose the correct container. Each time an incorrect cup is chosen the child uses cognitive skills to make an educated guess the next time.

Our toy also helps the child develop their motor skills. Knowing which cup they want to choose and being able to pick that cup up is a great example of hand-eye coordination. It is important for a child at this age to imagine them doing a task and then physically being able to complete it. Having several figurines to choose from can involve challenging the child even further, for example if a deferent animal was hidden under each cup the child would have to make the noise that animal makes, or name the animal after the cup Is lifted.

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