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Preparing a hot breakfast and cleanup was a process that took much longer than It should take In the mornings. I needed to condense food preparation and use less equipment to make breakfast. Included in this report is a flowchart that describes the process for preparing the meal and cleaning the dishes, factors that change the process, and a metric to determine each step within the process. I needed to take several steps to prepare breakfast, clean the cooking equipment and clean the dishes before I could leave for work.

Some steps seemed to be a waste f time. Below is a flowchart describing the steps I took to complete the morning routine. Work Preparation Chart Wake up at 6 a. M. Heat oven (2 seconds) Start hot cereal in medium pot (6 minutes) Start biscuits in oven on baking pan in oven (8 minutes) Start bacon or sausage on cooking sheet in oven (8 minutes) Start eggs In small saucepan (1 minute) Eat breakfast (30 minutes) Clean up (15 minutes) Appendix 1. 1 shows the Flow chart for the morning routine.

Factors like, “what would happen if the task was not done, where is the task done, hen is the task done, and is it critical that it be done then or is there flexibility in time and sequence”, can Influence the process (Chase, Jacobs, & Aqualung, 2006). Some of the factors could shape decisions about what to cook and In what order In the process the decisions are made. Factors like how many pots to use during meal preparation and how quick cleanup would be could determine whether we ate a hot breakfast or not. All the decisions had a certain time frame to e completed in the morning routine.

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