Describe with Examples How Different Aspects of Developmebt Can Affect One Another Essay

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Josie Sharpe Unit 201 – Outcome One 2. 1 Describe with examples how different aspects of development can affect one another Emily is 13yrs old. Her mum has left home. She lives with her strict father and two brothers. Her dad runs his own business and has to leave Emily and her brothers in the morning to get them ready and off to school. When Emily gets home from school she has to cook her brothers tea and do the housework as her dad is still at work and he believes that being the only girl in the house this should be her job.

This may affect Emily in many ways. She may become emotional. She could be upset and angry at her mother leaving home. She could become resentful to her mother, father and brothers for having to do the house chores and make her brothers tea. She may become disruptive at school with behavioural difficulties as she may not know how to deal with her emotions. It could affect her work at school and she may have lack of concentration in class if she is tired and she may be quiet and moody. Christopher has just moved from Poland and has very poor English.

He’s moved to a school where there are only white children in the class. Christopher may be scared, confused and anxious about moving to another country with a different race and language. There will be a language barrier between the other children, the teachers and Christopher. He may be quiet, subdue and moody and it could affect him in play and understanding the teacher. Other children may bully him as he is different from them in skin colour and language. Andrew suffers with asthma and has to carry an inhaler with him at all times.

His mother worries a lot as it can be fatal if he has an asthma attack and has sometimes had to go to hospital to be put on a nebuliser when he has had an asthma attack. Andrew may feel excluded as he has to carry an inhaler with him all the time. He may be quiet in class and feel frightened from his mother worrying all the time or scared that he may have an asthma attack in school. He may not want to get involved in P. E lessons if he’s too anxious about bringing on an asthma attack.

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