Dental Assisting

The essential aspects of professional appearance include:
good health, good grooming, and appropriate dress
Teamwork in a dental office is important. The letters TEAM stand for:
Together Everyone Accomplishes More
Important personal qualities of the dental assistant include:
Demonstrating sensitivity to the patient’s needs
Professionalism is
an attitude that is apparent in everything you do and say, in and out of the dental office
Which of the following is not a role of a chairside dental assistant?
1. Overseeing Inventory Control
2. Pouring and trimming models
3. Performing scaling and root planning
4. Providing postoperative instructions to patients
3. Performing scaling and root planning
The dental assistant can demonstrate work responsibility by all except:
1. Arriving on time
2. Leaving early to clear space for others
3. Volunteering to help a coworker
4. Staying for the full shift
2. Leaving early to clear space for others
The certified dental assistant (CDA) credential is issued by the:
Dental Assisting National Board (DANB)
A dental assistant can become a certified dental assistant (CDA) by:
passing the national Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) examination
What organization that represents the dental assisting profession?
American Dental Assistants Association
In addition to assisting in the delivery of dental care, a dental assistant may find employment opportunities in:
Dental product sales, teaching dental assisting, processing insurance claims
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