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The issues of the babe dumping go a modern-day issues that ne’er decrease in term of their measure. Nowadays, this issues go more worse compared to old old ages. We can state that, the babe dumping activities ever go oning about mundane. Harmonizing to the Headquarters of Royal Malaysia Police ( PDRM ) , they stated that, the significance of the babe dumping is the act of go forthing away their babes at the any topographic points without taking attention of that babes. Harmonizing to the Community, Family and Women Ministry, the issues of babe dumping already had achieved about to thousand per a twelvemonth. This instances become a hot and large subject around Malaysian ‘s people. Many parties had already discoursing about this job that normally happen in Malay communities. The inquiry that we should ever inquiring is, why this jobs ever go on toward our adolescents?

Harmonizing to Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia it define babe dumping as a societal job that happen when the female parent of the babe want to abondent or hold willing to go forth their kids in public or private topographic points with the purpose to dispose their babe without have bosom to take care their babes. Normally this sort of instances happened when the female parent of the babe have giving birth to the unwanted babes. Therefore, to cover all their errors, they take a drastic manner by dispose their ain babes. Besides that, the Wikipedia besides defined baby dumping as a rejecting and throwing a babe off after the female parent of the babe have giving a birth and exposeing their babe with the danger in a agency to do certain their babe decease.

In add-on, harmonizing to Kamus Dewan Edisi 4, page 208, the term dumping give a agency throw, delete and take while the significance for the word babe is a newborn kid by the female parent. If we combined the significance of the babe dumping, it give to us a deep significance as a dumped or extinguish the guiltless kid to everyplace without have any humanist nature. The significance that was given by the dictionary give a more and better understand about the issues that was ever happened and occured in our state. Besides that, babe dumping besides can be defined as when a brace of irresponsible parent either already married or non do a determination to merely abandon their unwanted babe in unfavourable topographic points such as dumpstair, abondan topographic points even in forepart of other houses.


Some of the stairss that was taken by the parties either by authorities, parent and school can non convey a successfull method in order to get the better of this sort of issue. Therefore, it is of import to discourse the alternate ways in order to control this babe dumping jobs.


The other options that authorities shall take is set up the Deoxyribonucleic acid ( Deoxyribonucleic acid ) Bank. It is was proposed by Selangor constabularies, Chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar in twelvemonth 2010. In Malaysia, utilizing DNA Bank to work out the offense instances like babe dumping is a 1 of the new attack. The DNA Bank will give a batch of benefict for the constabulary by facilitate their probe. For babe dumping instances, DNA Bank can follow the parents that abandoned their newborn babes because DNA Bank will maintain the Deoxyribonucleic acid of all newborn babes. Therefore, any individual that abandoned their babes will easy to acquire hint by the constabulary. Besides the babe dumping instances, DNA Bank besides can assist the constabulary in other offense instances, like slaying, robbery instances and so on. Eventhough this installations will give alot of benefit to work out the offense issues, but it may traveling to take a clip and necessitate a batch of cost to construct this installations in our state. However, it still go a best solution to turn to instances that related with babe dumping jobs.

Second options that authorities can take in action is reconstruct the course of study. The present course of study that our kids used today is good plenty to them go acknowledgeable individual but there are escape in making an consciousness to our kids sing the sexual relationship. Thus, authorities should retrace or add the course of study in certain capable like in Pendidikan Islam and Pendidikan Moral. The component that can make and lift the consciousness and could foreground the effects of societal job like free sex and babe dumping should be emphasized. Besides reconstruct the course of study, the authorities besides should kill off the adult stuff either from cyberspace or in signifier of electronic multimedia. This sort of things will act upon the adolescent to make a bad thing easy if the immediate and the drastic measure did non take by the authorities. Nowadays, adolescents can entree this adult stuff by utilizing the cyberspace so authorities should barricade all this affair from enter to our state. Put a rigorous regulation besides can be taken by authorities in order to get the better of this instances.

The publicity of Islam as a manner of life besides can be a first-class option to cut down the figure of babe dumping statistic because the bulk individual that involved in babe dumping instances are Muslim young person. Therefore, the authorities can engage the Muslim bookman or ulema ‘ to take a reesponsible to explicate and hold a some talk about the faith to our immature coevals. Beside that, when there is a plan or when there is a national jubilation, the authorities could ask for the spiritual individual or incentive to actuate our citizen alternatively of invite the vocalist to organize their concert. One of the politician in our state had said that, one of the ground why the babe dumping in our state addition for every twelvemonth is due to the entertaiment that they easy to acquire. Too entertaimnet that didnot give any benefit for them will do them to acquire opportunities affect in societal job. Other than that, authorities besides should give a support for NGO activities. One of the method that NGO organised to get the better of this job is by supplying babe hatch. The babe hatch was get supported by our Ministry of Women, Family & A ; Community development. The map of babe hatch is to assist the adult females particularly the immature adult females that need help from abandoning their babes by supplying topographic point for them to go forth their unwanted babes alternatively of throwing them in unsuitable topographic points. Therefore, this babe hatch should be build in other province so that this job can decide.


School plays of import function to assist in controling the babe dumping job among the adolescents. The first option that the school should make is increase the cognition and societal accomplishment among the adolescents. The instructor should non merely learn the pupils about the cognition in text edition, but they besides should hold iniciative to learn the pupil about the general cognition including the gender issues. The pupils should cognize how worse the societal job that merely go oning in our state. They besides should hold some knowledge how to take attention themselve from being pin downing in free sex and besides babe dumping instances. Besides that, the adolescents besides need some accomplishment to do determination about when they should originate with sex, with whom and under what fortunes they should cognize about the sex. Besides the cognitions, school besides should supply the soldierly art category. This soldierly art category is of import to teenager to hold a some accomplishment to defence them from be a victim in gender issue.

The 2nd option is school should offer generative wellness service and contraceptive method. Normally, the installations was merely exist in public and private household planning clinic. Therefore, the adolescents that have some job in gender relationship may experience abashed due to the perceptual experience of cammunity toward them. We should take some illustration from United State, they besides offer generative wellness in school to give their pupils the cognitions sing with the sexual relationship. By supplying this service in school, the pupils can utilize it to acquire counseling session sing with their gender relationship. To get the better of the babe dumping issues, besides give guidance, the service besides can organize communicating plan for parents and adolescent to discourse about the adolescents job in sex instruction. It is of import to heighten the adolescent ‘s sense of personal development and to rear in cognizing about their kids jobs.

The 3rd method that the school can make is by using the sex instruction to their pupils. Sexual activity instruction in school is a better option to get the better of this job. But, many parties may hold a incorrect perceptual experience toward the aim of sex instruction in school. really, it is non the instructor teach the pupil about how to hold a safe free sex, but the aim of sex instruction are to supply the consciousness to the pupils and allow them to hold a better apprehension of generative system and wellness. It is of import to supply the pupils particularly female pupils about the effects of holding a relationship with a male child in a early phase. Beside that, sex instruction could give the excess cognition and be given to cut down the figure of unprotected sexual intercourse and besides illegal gestation. We should larn from Singapore, they addressed the issues much better and faster than us. Now, the sex instruction was officially taught in upper primary school until the pre university degree. The aim that Singapore emphasized sing the sex instruction are to constructing the adolescents that mature and be responsible with their ain organic structure.


Parents play a high function to learn their childs to go good in their ain behaviour. Therefore, the function of parent in controling the babe dumping demand to turn to really good. First of wholly, the parent should openly discussed about the sex instruction with their kids. Eventhough the subject about the sex instruction is still forbidden to aur civilization, but it is of import to forestall the teenage to acquire the incorrect information about sex from incorrect beginnings. Parents ever refuse and opposed to discourse about the sex with their kids and leave the respnsible to the instructor merely. Therefore, the parent should take their ain function to cut down the figure of babe dumping in our state. The parent should hold enterprise to narrative the effects of being in a relationship in an early phase to their kids. The kids should cognize how they should esteem their ain organic structure by non allowing any work forces touch their organic structure without have any legal relationship. Beside that, if the kids inquiring the inquiries, the parent should supply the existent reply to their kids. They should non give a incorrect reply because the kids may hold cinfusing in understanding that subject.

Second option that the parent could taken is oversee their kids activities. Parent should cognize really good about what their kids do and with who their kids befriend. If necessary, parent should command their kids when they often love to hangout with their friend alternatively of remaining at place. Once, before egulate all their kids activities including their kids societal life, but now parents is different. They believe that their kids can pull off their life really good even without their parent usher. They besides should tauten their childrem activities associating with the activities that do non good for their life. Sometimes, parents did non give a full attending to their kids because of excessively much disbursement with their work. Therefore, the kids feel tiring remaining at place by themselve and eventually take a determination to hangout with their friends that tend to affect in societal job. So, parent should pass their clip with their kids in order to understand their kids behavior and jobs.

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