Dendro Midterm

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absolute chronology A set ofring width series or other ringparameters that have been*crossmatched, and *crossdatedagainst another dated series.
*annual growth layer A growth layerproduced in one year; in crosssection,appears as an *annual ring.
annual ring (annual growth ring;tree-ring) Cross-section of an*annual growth layer.
calibration, radiocarbon The processof converting a radiocarbonmeasurement into a distribution, orrange, of possible calendrical dates,expressed as Cal BC and Cal AD.
14C (carbon 14) A radioactiveisotope of carbon with atomicmass 14.
chronology building chronology building The*crossmatching/processing ofring widths or other indices fromseveral samples from a given site orregion to produce long chronologiesused for *crossdating / fordeducing past climates

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