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Democracy is a signifier of authorities wherein the government that would be formed or was formed in a certain state is based on voice populi ( “voice of the people” ) and or the regulation of the bulk. Furthermore. in this type of authorities. the consent of the governed is still based on the bulk with an premise of a free and just election conducted. on the end or aim of protecting for the political minorities. just and merely intervention or executing of the jurisprudence and basic human rights. and political pluralism ( Camp. 1841 ) .

We can state that the people or persons electing the authorities and its authorities functionaries. has the power to alter. accept or reject some determinations made by the elective swayers. In the contemporary universe of political positions. beliefs and rules. the definition of democracy seems obscure and for others. it is equivocal holding different significances depending on the state holding this type of authorities ( Dunn. 2005 ) .

The article published Last February 1. 2007 in the editorial subdivision of The New Zealand Herald. which was entitled “Sometimes. democracy can stink. ” negotiations about Queensland sing public audiences. authorities regulation and in general. democracy. It was said that Queensland is under a critical state of affairs of holding the worst status when it comes to H2O deficit during the summer. So the authorities of Queensland asked the sentiment of the bulk about a proposed usage of recycled H2O.

Since Queensland is a state under a democratic authorities. as much we could state that Australians ( in Queensland ) live in democracy. holding a political system wherein they have the power to vote for or take through their ballots their authorities and authorities representatives. hence. it was a proper action for them to confer with the bulk foremost. The job was that the province premiere announced the cancellation of the said referendum.

The people of Queensland or the bulk would hold to imbibe or utilize the recycled H2O whether they like it or non. Democracy in this facet was bypassed. but if you would look at the job or the crisis which Queensland would hold to endure in the hereafter. the determination of the province was merely and necessary. The writer of the article carefully looks at some cases wherein democracy in a state sometimes becomes a job.

The writer may non be a authorities functionary. but it seems that he or she has good political and societal background and cognition. He or she is able to demo that with or without democracy. the people of Queensland and its authorities functionaries would hold to make their ain parts and that they have the duty in taking stairss for the development or advancement of their state. The writer sees the action taken by the province or the authorities functionaries sing the issue was merely and shows that the opinion category has the capacity for good administration.

The action which they took might non hold been a democratic 1. but it was a lesson sing a good authorities. Democracy. lying on the rules such as the sovereignty of the people. authorities based upon consent of the governed. bulk regulation. minority rights. warrant of basic human rights. and the others. lies on a Godhead fact that within its Black Marias. is freedom ( Thayer. 1919 ) . This freedom is possessed by the persons. either the swayers or the persons ruled.

This freedom. that they posses should be plenty to make ways or executions that would profit the bulk. I think that democracy is non genuinely bypassed even without the consent of the bulk every bit long as the regulation or jurisprudence implemented benefits the bulk most. and does non do injury of any signifier or in any manner. In the instance of the execution of the usage of recycled H2O in Queensland. it was a right determination. and that it does non harm the bulk but instead assist them survive thirster.

Persons who are really attached to the “definition” of democracy or those who are lovers of democracy would see this act of the province of Queensland as absurd. They would reason that the bulk was neglected and that due procedure was non done. But this is non the instance. The authorities and the authorities functionaries of Queensland’s decided or implemented the usage of recycled H2O because they considered and thought of the bulk and it was merely a just determination. It does non count whether the referendum consequences was a “yes” or a “no” from the bulk.

Through public audiences or the referendum. the authorities could have a bulk of “no” or a bulk differing with the usage of recycled H2O. but subsequently on as the H2O crisis worsens. the province would implement it. therefore. taking to an incompatibility in the authorities. diminishing the hope or swear given to the province by its people. Therefore. the cancellation of the referendum was justified. If the authorities of Queensland did non implement the usage of recycled H2O. so Queensland would be nearing its terminal.

It is a state of affairs wherein the people of Queensland do non hold a pick. They have the option of imbibing or non imbibing the recycled H2O because of certain grounds such as unpalatableness. but finally. they have to or else. they would decease of thirst. The job was addressed by the authorities as to guarantee the demands and the safety of the bulk life in Queensland. The referendum. through the questionnaires. public polls. public interviews and other statistical steps may non be plenty to guarantee a house or the best determination that has the most benefit.

The authorities of Queensland. more specifically its functionaries. had taken great deepness in analyzing the best solution to turn to both the jobs being undertaken and the dwellers of Queensland. Furthermore. in their authorities web site. the recycled H2O which was to be given to the bulk is wastewater which extremely purified and treated to an extent that it reaches the highest quality or criterion. They even promote safe. environmentally sustainable. inexpensive beginning and adequate H2O supplies through purified recycled H2O.

The recycled H2O besides passes a rigorous series of processing and guidelines to guarantee the safety of the bulk and for the advancement of the society. The article sing the democracy in Queensland. ethically shows that sometimes. democracy may non be fulfilled or followed purely or exhaustively. Socially talking. the authorities of Queensland performs its responsibilities under due procedure for the protection of the political minorities and for the benefit or interest of the bulk.

A good authorities has a cardinal function of executing dramas or actions that would guarantee a advancement or development of the state or state. economically or socially ( Slinn. 2004 ) . Furthermore. the referendum might hold been cancelled or what the bulk has to state might non hold been lawfully considered in the actions that the province has taken. but it does non intend that democracy in Queensland is dead and the bulk no longer has the power.

It merely means that the actions taken shows that the bulk was in power and that the action taken was for their benefit. and non for the benefit of the opinion organic structure. In add-on to this. the authorities or the province was besides at hazard sing the cancellation of the referendum. because they could be perceived to go against the democracy in Queensland. when in fact. they do non. The democratic jurisprudence of giving benefit to the bulk is the autonomous entity in this issue ( Oswald. 1986 ) .

The writer does non mislead people in saying that democracy sometimes stink. He or she does non generalise democracy to be a load and he or she does non connote that democracy is a weak type of authorities. From the rubric of the article. he or she ab initio states “sometimes” . connoting that it democracy is non ever that bad. but in this instance sing the crisis in Queensland. it was.

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