Definition: Boiling Point
Temperature at which a LIQUID changes to a GAS. The closer to the boiling point, the most vapors that are produced.
Definition: Fire Point
The lowest temperature at which a LIQUID with an outside source of ignition sustains burning.
Definition: Flash point
The minimum temperature of a LIQUID that produces enough vapors to form an ignitable mixture with air when an ignition source is present
Definition: Volitility
Is the relative quantity of vapors that come from the material versus a specific standard at a specific temperature. IN OTHER WORDS: The relative quantity of vapors that come from a material.
Definition: Relative response
Term used to describe the way a monitor reacts to a gas other than its calibration gas.
Polar Solvents are?
Solvent in water
Definition: Deposition
What a gas forms a solid…RARE. Found in nuclear explosions.
Definition: Pyrophoric
When a material is reactive with air or water
Definition: Polymerization
When small compounds called monomers react with themselves and become polymers.
Definition: Carboy
A glass or plastic bottle used to store or transport corrosive liquids. Can be as large as 20 gallons, but common is 5 gallons.
Definition: Jerrican
Rectangular plastic carboys. Typically used to transport flammable and combustible liquids.
Definition: Cylinder
Pressure vessel designed for higher than 40 psi
Definition: Dust
Solid particle that is formed or generated from solid organic or inorganic materials.
Definition: Fume
Suspension of particles that form when a material from a volatilized solid condenses in cool air
Definition: Mist
Finely divided liquid suspension in the atmosphere
Definition: Aersol
Form of mist characterized by highly respirable, minute liquid particles
Definition: Fiber
Solid particles whose length is several times greater than its diameter
Definition: Vapor
Gaseous form of a substance that is normally in a solid or liquid state at room temperature and pressure.
Definition: Vapor density
Weight of a given volume of pure vapor or gas. >1 is heavier than air, <1 is lighter than air. The majority of gases are >1
Definition: Miscibility
Degree or readiness to which two or more gases or liquids are able to mix with or dissolve into each other.
Definition: Specific Gravity
Ratio of the density of a material to the density of a standard materials at standard conditions or pressure and temp. >1 will sink, <1 will float.
Definition: Reactivity
Its relative ability to undergo a chemical reaction with another material
Definition: Inhibitor
Added to products that easily polymerize in order to control or prevent an undesired reaction.
Definition: Ionization
Process of removing electrons from atoms and also the method by which radiation causes damage to human body.
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