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For example when looking at the poem “Barbie Doll” you can see how society was looking from the outside in and judging the young woman by her appearance, but what the spectators ailed to see Is that overtime the woman had lost who she was as an Individual; she lost the things that made her unique. But Is It really societies place to try and define beauty? Should beauty even be something we tackle and try and place in a little box and say “this is what it is”? Or does beauty truly come in all shapes in sizes, therefore we as a people can not and should not try and label a person as such or as lacking thereof?

Starting from a young age we are indoctrinated with an Idea of who we should be, and how we should dress and act. From the magazines, to the Hollywood actors and actresses all the way down o our fellow peers, there Is the continuous pressure to change something about ourselves so we can one day obtain that perfection society has showed us to aim for our whole life, but this is something no one has ever achieved. “Desires Baby’ perfectly embodies the horrible true tale society has gotten every single person to live out at some point.

Desire was born into a society where slavery existed and where people of African descent were looked down upon. However she was raised In a loving home where she was taught to love and embrace what It Is that separates us from one another. Instead of calling It unnatural Like everyone else was brainwashed into believing. When Desire matured into a young lady she met a man named Armband and feel in love with him, and she had expected him to love her no matter what the circumstances were but over time this proved to be false. She had became with child and eventually gave birth to their first child.

But there was an issue, the child was clearly mixed and Armband had a Issue with the Idea that his child could be of African descent. In fact he hated the very Idea, so much so that when Desire asked whether or not he wanted her to leave with their child he demanded that they do so. The reason he did this was because through out his life he was exposed to a society that mistreated and looked down on the African American people. Thus causing him to not want any relation to it what so ever. But little did he know that it wasn’t his wife that had African descent, in fact it was him.

Armband grew up hating the very thing he was, causing him to mistreat the woman he loved and abandon the family he started and Initially wanted. And because he made an ignorant life decision based off of the negative influences that were around him his entire life, he lost the two people in the world that loved him no matter what. People go throughout their dally life living a certain way believing it is unique and their own but they do not realize how society has slowly influenced their life in ways they did not recognize.

From the fashion fads that they go along with, to the way they talk, to how they treat their fellow peers, society has played a role In It whether It be show how it is very much so possible to lose yourself and become something you never thought you would be over time if put in the wrong environment. We start off not knowing the difference from right and wrong, and as time passes our authoritative fugues, whether it be our family or other respected mentors, try to instill good sound morals into us.

However it is common for the average person to become a misguided individual because the day and age they grew up in was filled with standards that were set by misguided individuals, both the “Barbie Doll” and “Desires Baby’ illustrate this. That is why it is extremely important for a person to realize early on in life that what sets them apart from everyone else is what makes them special, and that is truly something that should be treasured and remain untainted.

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