Definition and Objectives of Sports Management

Sports Management
Is not management and conduct per se
Sports management
Scientific scheme of development in almost all aspects of sports promotion
Sports management
Is a vast working atmosphere, its diversified avenues astonishingly meet one junction which is success
Never possible if one fails to explore and deal with some aspects
Simple and negligible
Efforts are… And should be geared towards turning all stones no matter how minute some may be
Very satisfactory degree
The way towards attaining …. of success in sports management should be an important concern.
To imbibe in the hearts and minds of students that sports is a potent factor in making a person mentally healthy, physically alert, emotionally stable. Sports is also a very important
Objective 1
To create awareness among teachers, coaches, trainors and sports officials that impressive sports management brings about success that has tremendous impact on the students, athletes interest, involvement and performance, as well as adult managers and officials.
Objective 2
To further elevate the status of sports in the region and in the country and to contribute to the realization of the national objective
Objective 3
To Offer an opportunity for voluntary participation among students who are not skilled enough or not sufficiently interested in a varsity-type program.
Purpose of the intramural program
Intramural terminologies
Certain terms are imp. In any discussion and should therefore be defined
A term which in modern usage designates the entire spectrum of the program whose offerings range from tournaments in basketball, volleyball, badminton, chess and other sports.
Written on the walls
Intramurals literally means..
In other words an intramural program is one that is carried on within the confines of a school or institution.
Implies program which is an outgrowth of the intramural, but which is not confined to a single institution
A day in wc representatives form 2 or more schools engage in one or more competitive activities, but the identities of the schools are not retained.
Sports day
A day in which 2 or more schools compete in one or more activities, but the identities of the schools are not retained
Managerial system
Is advisable in a well run program of intramurals.
are students who handle the routine details of particular activity.
Securing officials, scheduling games, and distributing equipment

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