Defining objectives and targets

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WELBECK defines objectives and targets in areas such as environmental performance. It is through the process of defining and achieving objectives and targets that WELBECK improves its performance. The company ensures the commitments specified in its policies and strategies are met. Objectives and targets are established by senior managers (at general manager and operating manager level). These objectives are also supported by the chief executive officer (CEO) and the board of directors.

The CEO, board and general manager ensure the objectives and targets are met and take an active interest in the WELBECK’s progress towards achieving the objectives and targets. The goal of this active interest is twofold. At first, undoubtly, the company ensures that the objectives and targets are actually met. Second, the company provides a tangible demonstration of senior management’s commitment to the overall goals of management.

Objectives of the company are defined as long term goals in regard to the environmental performance UK COAL sets itself to achieve (McVeigh 89). To meet these objectives managers set a series of targets. Targets are defined as specific performance requirements that arise from the environmental objectives. These targets need to be met in order to achieve the

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environmental objectives. That is, targets measure progress in order to achieve a defined objective.

In defining its objectives and targets, UK COAL took into account the significant environmental impacts of its operations, activities, products, and services in WELBECK. Objectives of the company included reducing the quantity of waste sent to landfill by a defined percentage over a defined timeframe, dust suppression (Figure 2), or achieving certification of the environmental management system within five years. Targets enable performance towards overall objectives to be assessed and help identify, at an early stage, potential problems in meeting these goals (Turner 34).

The process of defining targets has enabled WELBECK to identify different means for measuring the resources consumed in mining, processing and refining its products, through measuring performance in terms of the quantity of ore milled and in terms of the amount of product produced. That is, the process of defining targets has enabled the organisation to measure its performance in a manner that contributes to the WELBECK’s understanding of both its business outcomes and its environmental impacts. UK COAL developed a management plan for achieving the defined objectives and targets.

An essential part of the process of developing objectives and targets is the definition of resources and responsibilities for achieving the objectives and targets. Management plans include the resources, means and timeframe by which the company’s objectives and targets are to be achieved. However, the truth is that many potential improvements fail to be implemented. Frequently, this is not because of a lack of funds for external resources (such as consultants or contractors) but because the personnel of the company simply do not have the time to use these projects and guarantee they are implemented effectively.

Therefore, when allocating resources and developing management plans, it is important to ensure that the nominated employees have the time, resources and capability to address these issues efficaciously. Implementation of an effective system of environmental management UK COAL operates an effective environmental policy and a company-wide environmental management system (Figure 3). The specific issues considered are responsibilities and authorities, operational control, documentation, emergency response systems, records management and communications.

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